16 Beer Pong Players You’ll Encounter in Manila

Beer pong is a pretty big “sport” in some parts of the country. I, for one, live in BF Homes, where almost every bar along Aguirre Street offers the game; and so, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I eventually got sucked into the beer pong world myself. Throughout my beer pong journey in Manila, I have come across all sorts of different beer pong players, which we have captured in a video (descriptions of each can be found after the video). Enjoy!

16 Beer Pong Players You’ll Encounter in Manila

16. The O.C. Player

The one who wants every cup to be perfect before they take their shot. They might even use the uneven cups as their excuse for not being able to get a ball in.

15. The Rule Nazi

The one who lives by the rules of the game, even the ones that other people might not really care much about.

14. The Cup Blocker

The one who, well, blocks the cups. They basically try to prevent the other team from shooting by covering the cups in every way possible.

13. The Distracted

The one whose mind isn’t on the game. This is the one who stands at the beer pong table, but talks to practically every one who passes by and constantly looks around to see if they know anyone in the area.

12. Naniniwala sa Forever

The one who takes forever to take their shot. Sometimes, people get so bored of waiting for them to shoot that they lose interest in the game completely. (True story. Happened to me.)

11. The Side Coach

The one who thinks he’s the Beer Pong Coach. They always have comments whenever someone doesn’t shoot and tries to improve their game by giving them tips. Sometimes, the Side Coach isn’t even part of the game to begin with.

10. Magaling ‘Pag Lasing

The one who plays better when drunk. It’s interesting how some people can’t play beer pong sober, but get crazy good once they’ve had a few drinks in their system.

9. Dirty B*tch

The one who dances all throughout the game. Or grinds on people/things. Every other song that comes on is usually their jam.

8. Saling Pusa

The one who isn’t part of the game but wants to play. They usually take a few shots for the team, even if they aren’t part of it.

7. Kobe

The one who always shouts ‘Kobe’ after a good shot. The shot doesn’t always necessarily go in. In some cases, though, Kobe is the one who gets the last shot in – and that’s what matters.

6. Curry

The one who takes shots from all over the place. Sometimes, you can find this guy really really far away from the beer pong table he is playing on, but he still gets the shot in… How??

5. Trashtalk sa Kalaban

The one who always tries to bring the other team down. They start trashtalking before the game ben begins and this continues throughout the entire game, whether they are winning or losing.

4. Trashtalk sa Kakampi

The one who brings their own team down. They get extra annoyed, angry and/or violent when they start losing in a beer pong challenge.

3. The Megaphone

The one who screams. All. The. Time. It doesn’t even matter if they’re happy about a shot or just have something to say like “I need the bathroom”. You can hear the Megaphone everywhere.

2. Mr./Ms. Palusot

The one who blames everything and everyone but themselves for missing a shot.

1. Lastikman

The one who reaches so far over the beer pong table to take a shot. The Rule Nazi would not be happy with their elbow game.

Do you play beer pong? Which beer pong player are you? 🙂