15 Types of Officemates You Will Meet at Work

Perhaps you wished that life will be better when you start to climb the corporate ladder. But, as it turns out, the work place is just a more complex version of any classroom. There are still bullies, achievers, cool kids, and different squads. Only now, in a more condensed and complicated scenario.

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Here are some of the most popular types of officemates you will meet that will either make your work a playground or an absolute torture chamber.

15. The Deadpool Boss

This is not your typical boss. This is a manager who jokes around and mostly appears to be laid back, but magically gets so many things done and produces fruitful outputs. A boss who is a full time kick-ass and whose wit and sarcasm constantly cracks up (and inspires) the team. You promise yourself that you will be as cool or even exceed his awesomeness when you become a boss one day.


14. The Lord Voldemort

The boss whose name shall not be mentioned. This boss is the reason why you are starting to develop wrinkles in your twenties. Their hobbies include giving you high blood and dragging your confidence level from 100 to negative 200. A boss who will still call you and ask you to send a report even when you say that you have a brain tumor and only have 3 days left to live.


13. The Tito Boy

This is your coworker who will give you your daily dose of entertainment. They know the latest scoop even before it becomes the talk of the town. They always have a friend who has a girlfriend whose friend has a boyfriend whose aunt who told them that this celebrity is actually a prima donna. A credible source indeed.


12. The Entrepreneur

This coworker has a sari-sari store at their desk. From medicines, nail cutter, comb, plastic cups, extra slipper, chocolate drink, biscuits and cup noodles, to toothbrush, name it and you can have it for a good price. And if they’re your friend, you can even pay in three gives. This is also the coworker whose favorite line is “Punta ako sa labas, sino papabili?”

They may sound thoughtful and sweet, but actually they will charge you an additional 10% for commission.


11. The Suicide Squad

The squad who saves your company in times work seems endless. They are the squad who challenges even the likes of Kuya Germs for not sleeping for days just to make sure the output is excellent. Even when they are the last ones to leave the office, they still are the first ones to go to work the next day. They are the bloodline of your company. They have a perfect attendance and they barely use their vacation and sick leaves.


10. The Hugot King and Queen

“Roses are red, violets are blue, their love life is more pathetic than you.” Sometimes everything may feel like falling apart especially on a hard day’s work, but they still find ways to make cheesy punch lines. Their sentences are composed of 50% “pak ganern,” 30% “ang sakit beh,” and 20% “di ko na kaya, bes.”


9. The Rock-n-Roll to the World

Knock knock, who’s there? This coworker is the embodiment of gags. They always have a joke to crack and they always end it with a laugh that is even funnier than the joke itself. You have to endure listening to the same joke until everyone laughs, but you can always count on them to loosen up the situation when arguments arise.


8. The Rihanna

They are the consistent employees of the month. They are very dedicated and driven at doing their jobs. They never open Facebook and Instragam at work, or maybe the hustlers at not getting caught. They are the epitome of achievement, looking like they’ve already figured things out. Most of all, they are the most likely to be recruited by other companies.


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