15 Items Every Star Wars Fan Should Have in Their Kitchen

It’s the Revenge of the 5th – and we’re hungry!

If you’re a massive Star Wars fan like we are; then you’re going to love this list of things that we’ve found on the Internet, all of which are perfect additions to any Star Wars fan’s kitchen.

15 Items Every Star Wars Fan Should Have in Their Kitchen

15. An R2-D2 Coffee Press

Always need a dose of coffee in the morning? Make delicious cups of coffee with this cute coffee press.

14. An R2-D2 Teapot

Prefer tea? Get a cute R2-D2 tea set instead.

13. Star Wars Heat-Changing Mug

Either way, drink it from an ultra cool heat-changing mug.

12. Cereal Holder

Do your kids want to bring cereal to school? They can now with this adorable R2-D2 cereal holder.

11. Darth Vader Toaster

Toast your bread in this Darth Vader toaster.

10. Darth Vader Sandwich Shaper

And then shape your bread into Darth Vader himself with this sandwich shaper.

9. Death Star Waffle Maker

Want waffles instead? Check out this cute waffle maker.

8. Death Star Cookie Jar

Store your cookies in this Death Star!

7. Star Wars Cookie Cutters

If you happen to bake your own cookies, these cute cookie cutters will make your cookies all the more fun!

6. Star Wars Bowls

Cereal, soup, or noodles – eat them out of these cute bowls!

5. Kylo Ren Chopsticks

Having noodles? Eat them with these!

4. Lightsaber Iced Candy Molds

Making iced candy this summer? These are the ultimate must-haves!

3. BB-8 Ice Molds

Make drinking more fun with BB-8-shaped ice in your drinks!

2. Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Wow your fellow Star Wars fans by opening your bottles with this baby!

1. Star Wars Napkins and Napkin Rings

Save the environment and say goodbye to tissue with these cute napkins.

Wouldn’t you love to have a kitchen full of Star Wars items?

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