13 Ubay Street: Comfort Food to Satisfy Your Craving

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There is a new hip restaurant in the metro just along Ubay Street in Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City called 13 Ubay Street Comfort Dining. With its homey ambiance, 13 Ubay Street is perfect for barkada hangouts and family gatherings. 
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Before you get to the restaurant itself, you’ll see the mask collection of the owner’s mother that was collected from multiple trips abroad and astonishing photos that her grandfather had taken to complete the overall look of the place. Every single corner of the place will surely look great on your Instagram feed.
One nice way to start of your meal is to try some of their appetizers:
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Bacon Pizza (P250 )
Their homemade bacon is the bomb. As someone who’s not much of a bacon fan, their Bacon Pizza could be the reason why I might start liking bacon more. The egg and cheese combination definitely balances out the saltiness of the bacon.
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Fried Tripe (P250)
Another appetizer to take note of is their Fried Tripe or twalya as some of us might call it. The tenderness of the tripe and the crisp outside is a combo that everyone (even kids!) will love. You can also choose if you want their special vinegar spicy or not – the perfect build-up for the heavier dishes that you’re going to eat next.
For the main course, you can choose from a wide selection of chicken, pork, beef, and seafood dishes:
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3-hour Belly (P280)
Their three-hour belly is a scene-stealer. The pork is boiled to tenderness for three long hours before being roasted. Imagine the crispiness of its skin and the tenderness of the meat added with Mango Vinegar on the side. Definitely the star on the table.
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Grilled Chicken Harissa (P370)
The Grilled Chicken Harissa is something that may not sound familiar because it’s actually a North African-inspired dish. It has chili pepper paste and is served with pickled vegetables on the side. Even though the chicken may need a little more sauce, it is definitely worth a try.
13 Ubay Comfort Food to Satisfy Your Craving 8
Dirty Mashed Potato (P230)
 One simple yet enticing dish to try is their Dirty Mashed Potato. It is basically semi-mashed potato with roasted garlic and topped with their homemade bacon. The semi-mashed potato (“semi” because you can still taste tiny bits of potato in it) is already good in itself, and the bacon on top only adds a little more taste of saltiness.
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Ube Piaya Ala Mode (P170)
The dessert that stood out the most was their Ube Piaya Ala Mode, which involves ube-filled piaya served with Tres Leches ice cream on top. It is even served with whipped cream in-between, so that the piaya won’t get soggy from the ice cream. It’s safe to say that this unique dessert is one for the books!
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13 Ubay (P200)13%20Ubay%20St%20Comfort%20Dining%2017
To top it all of, they also offer cocktail drinks. You have to try (of course, only if you’re of drinking age) their signature cocktail called 13 Ubay which is chili tequila with honey and cucumber lime. Yes, you read that right – chili tequila. It’s a smart spin-off to the usual tequila or margarita that you might find out there.
Whether you’re simply looking for good food or want aesthetics to go with it, 13 Ubay Street is a place where you can sastify your cravings. Go check them out!

13 Ubay Street

13 Ubay Street, Barangay Sienna, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/13Ubay
Instagram: @13Ubay