15 Instagram-Worthy Food In Manila

In this era of social media, having a photo shoot with your sandwich gets a little less judgement from the crowd and a lot more likes on your Instagram feed. Like it or not, social media has changed the game. Yes, that includes our sustenance, too.

Holding up your ice cream cone with your perfectly manicured nails on your smartphone while looking for the best lighting in the room is our idea of art nowadays. And there’s no denying it: these tempting fares are masterpieces in their own right. A little too beautiful to eat and a lot more glorious once consumed (assuming you’ve finally captured your ice cream’s best angle).

Here are the drool-worthy Instagrammable food everyone’s been obsessing about, including me. Because chances are: I’m that girl holding up the ice cream cone with my perfectly manicured nails.

15 Instagram-Worthy Food In Manila

15. Liquid Nitrogen Gelato at Outre Manila

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14. Milkshake and Cookies at Scout’s Honor

(5 Reasons to Try Scout’s Honor Cookies and Milk)

13. Bread at Kumori Bakery

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12. Crispy Bacon with Chocolate Dip at Single Origin

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11. Lechon belly at Manila Belly

10. Soft Serve Ice Cream at Milkcow

9. Lucky JPMM Taiyaki Ice Cream

8. Froyo at BLK 513

7. Brrr-ger at Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

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