These 13 Panic! At The Disco Songs Will Remind You of Your Emo Days

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If you’re a fan of Panic! At The Disco, you probably actually panicked when they announced an upcoming concert this year. As if that wasn’t enough to keep our hearts beating wildly, they also just released their brand new album, Pray for the Wicked.

It’s been 13 years since P!ATD released their first album and captured our hearts for the first time. In memory of the emo phase we were all in when we first became fans of the band, here are 13 songs to remind you of how it felt.

These 13 Panic! At The Disco Songs Will Remind You of Your Emo Days

13. I Write Sins Not Tragedies

This is probably one of the first P!ATD songs you’ve ever heard (because it’s from the first album, duh). The song has made a huge impact on all of us and you probably feel like singing it every time you see a door.

12. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

If you think you about it, you’ve probably got P!ATD to thank for your wide range of vocabulary. The song is pretty dark, but it’s really catchy so you probably still sang your heart out to it without even caring about the lyrics. Later on, you probably even listened to it while thinking about your ex with their new partner.

11. But It’s Better If You Do

This song will remind you of those MTV days. The music video is quite scandalous, but the song is sure to bring back some memories. It might even remind you of that time you stepped out of your comfort zone to try to impress your crush.

10. Nine in the Afternoon

This song isn’t as emo as the others. Listening to it will definitely make you feel nostalgically happy, never mind how weird the lyrics are. It’s a good song and will remind you of a time in your life when things weren’t as complicated as they are now.

9. Do You Know What I’m Seeing?

The tune of the song goes from slightly sinister to happy and catchy, probably in an attempt to send us on a roller-coaster of emotions. Well, it works. The lyrics, “I know it’s mad, but if go to hell / Will you come with me, or just leave / I know it’s mad, but the world were ending / Would you kiss me, or just leave me” will probably remind you of that one person who never really let you know where you stood. #DTR

8. That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed for Me)

Although the song is very upbeat, some of the lyrics are actually quite sad. However, the song has an overall positive vibe. You probably had the mantra, “Things have changed for me, and that’s OK” for a very long time— maybe until now! This song will definitely remind you of all the things you’ve been through and how change is okay. A lot has changed since the release of this song 10 years ago. Things have changed for the band. Things have changed for you and for me. And that’s okay. 🙂

7. Northern Downpour

Anyone can come up with their own list of P!ATD songs that make them feel emo again but this is the one song that’s surely on everyone’s list. From start to finish, this song is just too beautiful. The song has become an anthem for our generation. You can say, “Northern Downpour is a good song,” and everyone will agree. That’s just the kind of song it is.

6. When the Day Met the Night

This is another one of their songs that will make you feel good. This song is nostalgic but it probably won’t bring back hurtful memories like the other songs on this list might. It’s a happy song and it will remind you of the happy moments you had back then, even when you were having an emo phase.

5. Let’s Kill Tonight

Remember that time the love of your life broke your heart? That time you were so bitter and you and your friends would talk about getting revenge but you never actually did anything? This song will remind you of that.

4. Memories

Sometimes, you give everything in a relationship, but it still doesn’t work out in the end. If you’ve just gone through a terrible breakup, don’t even bother listening to this song. If you’re just up for a little feels trip, though, no one’s gonna stop you.

3. Always

Probably one of the saddest songs on the list – well, for me at least – this song will remind you of that one great love whom you will probably always have feelings for. The one you kept giving everything to but never really received anything in return. Brb, crying.

2. Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met)

Ah, that one song that you needed Google Translate for. Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met) is one of their most underrated songs. This song will remind you of the love you once had that ended in longing and regret. It might remind you of how your ex’s perfume smelled, too.

1. This is Gospel

One of those upbeat songs that actually have sad lyrics. You might think this song is new, but it was actually released five years ago! So yes, listening to this song will definitely give you some feels about whatever relationship drama you were going through at the time.

Feeling nostalgic yet? Here’s a Spotify playlist of all the songs on the list. Enjoy!

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