13 Go-To Spots to Get Your Halo-Halo Fix This Summer

5. Max’s Restaurant


Photo from Max’s Facebook page.


We couldn’t find a photo of Max’s halo halo, but trust us when we say it’s delicious. If you want it to be even yummier, try asking for extra milk when you order it. 😉 And try their other desserts (pictured above), too!

4. The Aristocrat Restaurant
Aristocrat Halo Halo

Photo from Aristocrat’s Facebook page.


We love Aristocrat, in general, and their halo halo is way up there in our opinion.


3. Little Quiapo

Little Quiapo Halo Halo

Photo from Little Quiapo’s Facebook page.


If you are looking for the typical and traditional halo halo, Little Quiapo offers a delicious take on it.

2. Chowking

Chow King Halo Halo

Photo from Chowking’s Facebook page.



While some people claim that Chowking’s halo halo is “inconsistent”, there is no doubt that Chowking has one of the best halo halos out there when done right. Apparently, the best (consistent) ones can be found in their provincial branches; but regardless of which branch you go to, their white halo halo is delicious and well worth the money.

1. Razon’s of Guagua

Razon's of Guagua Halo Halo

Photo from Razon’s Facebook page.


There practically wasn’t any contest here: Razon’s won as the best place to go to for halo halo, whether you prefer your halo halo with a lot of ingredients or just a few. Apparently, nothing beats the taste of it – and don’t miss out on their pancit luglog, either!


BONUS: If ever you find yourself in Bacoor, Cavite, visit the Original Digman Halo Halo where the history of halo halo began to begin with. I’ve been told it dates back to the Second World War – how cool is that?

What’s your ultimate go-to halo halo place? 🙂 Did we miss anything?