12 Rattan Home Pieces For a Tropical-Inspired Home

Now that the summer heat got us sweating intensely in our homes, I’m sure many of us are in desperate need of a trip to the beach. Since there are travel restrictions in place, the next best thing might be to transform your home into your very own beach resort!

Aside from your very own inflatable pool, these rattan home pieces will let you enjoy that tropical vibe in the comforts of your home. All these pieces can be ordered from Lazada.

Rattan Planter Basket

rattan planter

Photo from Lazada

This planter basket will add personality to your plant babies at home. If you don’t have plants, then this basket would be a great storage option, too.

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Rattan Pendant Light

rattan pendant light

Photo from Lazada

Add a dramatic flair to any space instantly with this gorgeous pendant light. Because it is big (more than a foot), it will definitely be a scene-stealing piece in your home.

Buy this rattan pendant light here!

Rattan Wall Mirror

rattan mirror

Photo from Lazada

If you’re looking for a piece to display on the wall, this beautiful wall mirror is a great option. The circle mirror gives off such an elegant vibe, while the rattan frame balances it with a tropical feel.

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Rattan Storage Boxes


Photo from Lazada

Here’s a stylish way to get your clutter out of sight. These rattan boxes will allow you to hide any unsightly items around your house in plain sight.

Buy these rattan storage boxes here!

Rattan Placemats

rattan placemats

Photo from Lazada

We can’t forget about the dining room! For a tropical feel for any meal time, these rattan placemats are must-haves.

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Rattan Rocking Chair

rattan rocking chair

Photo from Lazada

If you’re looking for a furniture piece that’s both functional and stylish, this rocking chair might be something you’d like. Gone are the days when rocking chairs would only be for your grandparents. Who wouldn’t enjoy this modern take of the rocking chair in their homes?

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Rattan Ottoman

rattan ottoman

Photo from Lazada

Looking for more rattan-made seating? This rattan ottoman would easily look great wherever you place it. You’ll get additional seating, plus a simple yet stylish piece of home decor.

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Rattan Cabinet

rattan cabinet

Photo from Lazada

This rattan cabinet would be a great addition to your (or your kids’) bedroom. Not only will it add storage to your rooms, it’s a beautiful piece, too!

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Rattan Wax Warmer

rattan wax warmer

Photo from Lazada

This beautiful rattan wax warmer doubles as a lamp and an aroma diffuser. This wax warmer uses a strong light bulb instead of a candle, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally burning your wax warmer.

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Rattan Coat Hanger

rattan coat hanger

Photo from Lazada

To add to the things that will help keep your clutter out of sight, this rattan coat hanger will keep your clothes off the floor (and off The Chair). Plus, it looks great on your wall!

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Rattan Outdoor Lights

rattan outdoor lights

Photo from Lazada

If you want to get that beach party vibe in your garden, these rattan outdoor string lights will instantly transform your outdoors. It even looks great for an intimate dinner date at home.

Buy this rattan outdoor string lights here!

Rattan Side Table

rattan table

Photo from Lazada

Already got the rattan rocking chair and the rattan ottoman? This coffee side table is a great addition to complete the furniture set!

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With these rattan pieces, you’ll have your very own tropical paradise right in your home.

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