12 Quotable Quotes from Adobo Magazine’s Festival of Ideas

12 Quotable Quotes from Adobo Magazine’s Festival of Ideas


Last November 22, 2014, adobo Magazine, the Philippines’ premier advertising publication, hosted its first Festival of Ideas, under the theme “The Truth of Advertising.” Held at SM Aura’s Samsung Hall, adobo Magazine’s Festival of Ideas gathered local advertising hotshots as they shared their wisdom with communications students and junior practitioners – on surviving the industry, the passion behind the craft and the endless pursuit for that big idea.

(Break the Myths and Learn the Truth about Advertising at the adobo Festival of Ideas)

 Adobo Magazine Festival of Ideas


12 Quotable Quotes from Adobo Magazine’s Festival of Ideas




12.          Our ideas get shot down, that’s life.  – Kulas Abrenilla, Art Director, Publicis JimenezBasic

                As professional thinkers, creatives conceive idea, only to be killed, slaughtered, and exterminated by the greater beings above (er, the higher creative bosses). The best way to survive this repetitive process of rejection is to accept that it’s normal. And never cry a river when the initial ideas get killed – tandaan: krokis pa lang yan.


11.          Never fear. – Ompong Remigio, Crief Creative Officer, Fat Free; Philippines ‘Queen of Radio’ 

              Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes make you human and are part of your learning curve as a creative. The faster you learn, the better you can become.


10.          Advertising is about life. Kung wala kang buhay, wala kang kwenta sa amin. – Matec Villaneuva, CEO, Publicis Manila

                Overtime and even weekend work are normal in the industry. That’s why a work-life balance is every creative’s wish this Christmas. Because frankly, life outside advertising is important, too. It is where most of us find inspiration for our creative work and that all-important consumer insight.




9.            You have a brand of creativity that’s unique to you. – Raul Castro, Chaiman and CEO, McCann Worldgroup Phils., Inc.

                You are your own brand with a unique selling proposition that only you can offer – say, a particular tone in writing or a personal touch in art direction. It is your responsibility to hone it and, in this very competitive industry, sell it properly.


8.            Never throw a tantrum bigger than your talent.  – Marlon Rivera, Filmmaker, Ex-Adman

                ‘Nuff said.


Adobo Magazine Festival of Ideas

Creative rockstars Kulas Abrenilla (left) and JP Cuision (right) entertain the crowd with their take on the advertising life.  




7.            Purpose is the greatest motivator.  – JP Cuison, Associate Creative Director, Publicis JimenezBasic

             Awards, fame and fortune may become your creative fuel. Nothing wrong with that.  But these self-serving motivations can overlap the real purpose in advertising, which is to “help brands help people.” Keep that always in mind.


6.            Create what you love, because if you do, you make time for it. – John Ed De Vera, Associate Creative Director for Design, TBWA\SMP

                 We all have the time; we sometimes don’t have the heart. Invest time in things you love doing. Be it a hobby, a sports, or any activity, these things might eventually help in your creative craft.


5.            Focus on the work and money will come. – Brandie Tan, Executive Creative Director, Publiciz JimenezBasic

                 This is an important reminder to junior creatives. Set a high standard on the quality of your work – not just good work, but great work. In time, you will be rewarded for your dedication. But for now, as Sam Smith would put it, “got no money in (your) mind, do it for the love.”     




4.            You will always have a place in our industry. – Marlon Rivera, Filmmaker, Ex-Adman

                Everyone is born creative. You just have to dig deep and brave enough to take the plunge. Plus, the industry thrives in mentorship. There will always be someone who will help you become best in your craft. You just have to stay hungry to learn.


Adobo Magazine Festival of IdeasCreative giants David Guerrero (left) and Merlee Jayme (right) battle it out for advertising supremacy.




3.            Don’t aim to be the first. Aim to be the best.  – Asterio Gutierrez, Creative Director, AKQA Shanghai

               Challenge yourself to create something interesting, something human. Do not limit yourself to what you are now. “Be a water, not a pitcher.”


2.            Make your creative life difficult. – Merlee Jayme, CCO and Chairman, DM9JaymeSyfu

              There is no place for mediocrity in advertising. Hindi pwede ang pwede na. Craft, craft, and craft some more. 


1.            The only thing that’s going to get you through this pain of thinking of something new is the joy of creating. -David Guererro, Creative Chairman, BBDO Guerrero

                 The creative process is painstaking. A lot of challenges goes with it. Ideas get slaughtered. Revisions are endless. Creatives become frustrated. But in the end, it is that eureka moment – that glittering idea behind a sea of dead stars – that we, as creative, know is worth thinking for. 


The first Festival of Ideas by adobo Magazine was also graced by other keynote speakers, including Jasmin Vinculado (Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Far East Ltd.), Leigh Reyes (President and CCO, Lowe Philippines), Donald Lim (Chief Digital Officer, ABS-CBN), and  Jonathan Nadiranto (Account Director Asia, Spotify).

The event formally launched the call for entries for the 2015 adobo Design Awards, an annual event that honors the country’s best advertising and design talents.



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12 Quotable Quotes from Adobo Magazine’s Festival of Ideas