12 Instagram Accounts That Will Motivate Girls To Get Fit

It is summer once again and part of the dropping temperatures are bare all beach trips! No better time of the year to motivate yourself to work out and exercise. As we all know, however, a promise to be fit and healthy does not only begin or end in the summer– it’s a whole year commitment! And yes, we know it can be hard so we’ve rounded up our favorite fitness Instagram accounts that will inspire you to work hard for that bikini bod! In no particular order, here are our favourites:


12. @kayla_itsines 

The woman behind The Bikini Body Guide shows us snippets of her life (and workouts!) through her account. The best part is the before and after photos of girls who use her guide– the results definitely motivate!




11. @fitspiration

A collection of photos that will truly inspire you to work out!




10. @massy.arias

Massy is a celebrity personal trainer and a health coach. She showcases exercise tips and her healthy lifestyle in her account.




9. @underarmourwomen

Underarmour posts photos of strong women that just makes us get off our butt and onto the gym!




8. @lornajaneactive

Another brand that shows us that you can look and feel good with an active lifestyle.




7. @nikewomen 

Nike Women posts great photos and even motivational messages!




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