12 Caterers to Rely on For All Your Catering Needs

For its second edition this year, SMX concluded its Culinaire, better and more magical than before with “magic” as the main theme for the event showcasing what SMX can offer. This year’s Culinaire did nothing but prove that SMX is THE magical place to hold your events at. More than that, SMX showcased 12 of their accredited caterers that are truly the caterers you can rely on for your catering needs for your events.

12 Caterers to Rely on For All Your Catering Needs

Albergus Catering

Albergus Catering started around 40 years ago, focusing on serving people with good food, valuing people’s experience and excellence. It is no doubt that SMX included Albergus Catering is one of their accredited caterers (as it deserves to be) with its dedication to serve the most exquisite food.


Bizu Private Caterer

Bizu brings nothing but a feast that their guests will surely enjoy. Everyone in the team is a master of their own art. They offer their energy and creativity to satisfy their guests. Bizu is best known for their pastel-colored macarons that leave guests only wanting for more.

culinaire-34Bono Gelato

Bono Gelato gives their customers the best gelato while keeping it real. They serve their gelato in a simple way and straight to the point – but delicious and made with fresh all-natural ingredients.


Event Shaker Mobile Bar

Event Shaker Mobile Bar is the best go-to for a full service bar for your events. They serve great selections from cocktails down to non-alcoholic mocktails, flaming shooters and long and short drinks. They will gladly mix and match your needs to shake up your event.

Hizon’s Catering

It is no doubt that SMX would choose Hizon’s Catering as one of its accredited caterers because what matters most to Hizon’s Catering is that they are their customers’ partner. They don’t label themselves as only a caterer, but also a partner that will help you with your events all throughout in order to give you the best event possible.


Tamayo’s Catering

As one of the fastest-growing and most sought-after caterer, Tamayo’s Catering does not fail at giving its clients a wide array of delicious dishes. They don’t only focus on giving the customers a satisfied stomach, but they also focus on the details of their service, no matter how big or small an event may be.


Josiah’s Catering

The customer definitely comes first with Josiah’s Catering. They make sure that their services are customized to exceed their clients’ expectations, giving clients nothing but the best for their events.

The LJC Group Catering Service

Acknowledged as a trendsetter in the hospitality and catering field, LJC Group Catering Service brings out people’s most loved dishes that suits the need for every kind of function and budget. They uphold their reputation of serving quality food with proper ambiance.


Tijoe the Art of Catering

The art of catering is Tijoe’s passion. Being distinctively Chinese, but marrying it with the unique Filipino taste, they show that it is truly “Tsinoy”. Tijoe offers truly unique selections passed on from generations that will truly satisfy clients.


Via Mare

Via Mare has catered to the most notable of people and events in the Philippines so there is no doubt as to why it is an accredited caterer of SMX. They do not disappoint, always modifying their food to meet the taste and preference of their clients.

Conrad Hotel Manila

Conrad Hotel Manila is the latest addition to the accredited caterers of SMX. They focus on giving its clients the luxurious experience that suits their function’s needs. It is not surprising that SMX would add an excellent caterer to their list of the best.

Juan Carlo the Caterer

Passion is what Juan Carlo the Caterer is all about. They are passionate in giving their clients exceptional culinary masterpieces that suits any event matched with their excellent customer service. Juan Carlo the Caterer promises its clients a luxury experience, not leaving any doubt as to why it bagged the Audience Choice Award during Culinaire.

As this year’s Culinaire came to a conclusion, guests’ stomachs were filled and satisfaction was in the air, thanks to the 12 accredited caterers of SMX. This is truly a mark of an event well-organized with nothing but the best venue and food for the valued guests. Truly, this year’s Culinaire proved that SMX really is the magical place to hold your events in with the best caterers that they have to offer. Make your events the best it could be with the top quality choice of catering by these 12 accredited caterers.