11:11 Music Festival World Beyond Wishes


With all of the concerts, events and music festivals emerging, one stands out as it promises an exciting night of hyped-up music, a crazy party, and so much more. De La Salle University’s most outstanding organization, Economics Organization proudly presents its first ever festival: the 11:11 Music Festival! It is the first college music festival that has Original Pilipino Music (OPM) merged with Electro Dance Music (EDM) which creates an avenue for indie artists to take the spotlight.

Music, games and of course, wish making. What will it be? Definitely a special kind that you wouldn’t want to miss. Imagine hundreds of LED Balloons flying off into the sky the moment 11:11 strikes and people looking up into the sky making wishes, taking pictures of an incredibly amazing moment, enjoying the spectacular starry view, and the music blazing in the background.

 The festival starts at 3 with the Battle of the Bands finalists opening the performances. Enjoy a picnic party where you can enjoy the music from Banna Harbera, Stories Told,  WeeFee to Chasing Victoria. Enjoy games and prizes from our sponsors throughout the event and a great variety of food to statisfy your cravings.

 Bringing you the classics, catch Urbandub, Franco and Paraluman sing their hits and discover new music from that of Between Archery and Olympic, Autotelic, Identikit, Flying Ipis. End the night by raving to the beats of DJs Rammy Bitong, Benedict Pacia, Edleen Lim, Curse&Bless, and Ace Ramos! So head down to the Greenfield District on the 20th of February, 2015 and enjoy a night filled with fun, music, fashion and wishes.

For more of 11:11 Music festival’s details please visit their Facebook page at https://facebook.com/1111musicfestival, follow their Twitter page at https://twitter.com/1111musicfest, follow their Instagram account at  https://instagram.com/1111musicfestival to witness one of the biggest college music festivals in the making. 

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