11 Things That Happen During the Christmas Break

For those of us who are lucky to get a Christmas break, it’s the time to relax and spend time with the family. Everyone’s break is different since we lead different lives and we have different interests, but there are some few things that happen to everyone, whether you’re a family man or you like going out with friends.

Here are some things that happen to everyone during the two-week vacation:


1. It’s that time of year when you can get away from the responsibilities of school or work

Enchanted movie

Christmas break, hu dis?

2. And waking up right in time for lunch (then going to sleep right after)

Snow White Disney

Gotta catch up on snoozing!

3. You also have time to spend that money all your titas gave you as a present

SM Gift Card 6


4. And you get to catch up on your favorite TV shows and Koreanovelas

TV Show Poltergeist

Goodbye Philippines, hello iFlix!

5. It also means endless reunions with great food

Patrick Star Burgers

Next year na ulit ang diet!

6. And having to deal with that tita who tells you, “tumaba ka!”

Miranda Priestly

Tita, ang taba pwede i-diet. Ang masamang ugali, wala na chance.

7. At least you get to spend time with your favorite relatives

Gavin Meme

You get to see that cute little cousin of yours you only see on Facebook videos!

8. Hopefully, someone suggests going out of town like Subic or Tagaytay

Beach Scene

Because you need a new DP for the New Year, complete with an essay summarizing  your 2017

9. At the end of the holidays, you start missing your friends because they’re busy with their own families

Squidward Spongebob

Everyone’s busy with their holiday plans with the family that you start missing them

10. You try to make plans, but as always, laging drawing.10 Frustrating Things That Happen in Every Tropa Group Chat copy

Good luck trying to make plans this holiday season!

11. Thankfully, social media is there so we can still chat and share kwentos, links, memes, and pictures

Fault in Our Stars

Because friends are also family and we want to spend time with them, too, even if it’s only online


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