11/11 Sale: 6 Air Purifiers Worth P5,000 or Less

Every now and then, seasonal allergies strike with rage. Even if we do not have spring in the Philippines, there are certain areas where there are a high pollen count and/or pollution, which can make breathing difficult. Moreover, if you have pets at home, this can exacerbate allergies and breathing difficulty. An air purifier can help clear the air in your home. It can capture dust particles, pet dander, mold spores, smoke particulates, and virus particles. But with a massive number of makes and models to choose from, all telling different methods of purifying the air around, how do you find the air purifier that is right for you?

Ready to buy an air purifier? Look no further. Here are options worth P5,000 or less from Lazada.

Imarflex IAP-15o Air Purifier

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If you need to clean the air in a space of around 15 square meters, the Imarflex IAP-150 is a solid and inexpensive purifier. It is attractive and compact, measuring just 25.5 cms tall, 17 cms wide, and 18 cms thick. Its silent motor feature means it will not interrupt sleep. It has a detachable scent box that fills the room air with the fragrance of your choice. The HEPA filter is used comes with activated carbon to guarantee utmost air filtering. At around P3,000 to purchase, it is a reasonably priced air purifier.

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Monarc CleanAir 3-Stage Air Purifier

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Monarc CleanAir air purifier combines minimalistic design with smart technology to maximize clean air by removing airborne pollutants. With the SmartSensor, CleanAir will respond to the level of pollutants in your room by automatically adjusting the setting while maintaining a peaceful and quiet environment. CleanAir uses a 3-step air filtration system providing you with peace of mind that your family is breathing safe and clean air.

Polluted air first passes through a washable Pre-Filter, capturing large particles. Then, it passes through a HEPA filter where 99 % of airborne pollutants are captured. And lastly, it passes through the Activated Carbon filter where the odor is captured.

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Shanben Air Purifier

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Suitable for rooms measuring up to 80 square meters, this air purifier operates with multiple filters to ensure your indoor air is clean all the time. It has a touchscreen display for easy operation and it allows you to know the status of the device instantaneously. The Sleep Mode reduces the light on the screen so as not to disturb you when you leave it on at night. Moreover, it operates quietly at only 40 decibels, so it makes sure your rest is undisturbed.

Using it is easy because you can just set the time for it to open and just forget it. You can even leave it to work on its own. This device can filter out dust, allergens, cigarette smoke, dust mites, odor, and germs. To ensure that it is working in the best condition, replace the filter every 6 months.

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Nobico Desktop Air Purifier

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This Nobico desktop air purifier is best for removing various particles from the air such as dust and smoke. Its three-in-one composite filter claims to clear up to 99% of common airborne pollutants. It’s designed to cover small spaces such as the home office. It has a tiny footprint, making it suitable to be placed even on top of your home office desk. The brushed metal finish can easily integrate itself wherever you install it. The best part? You’ll barely notice it working since it’s so quiet.

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Aolon Air Purifier

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Your air guard at home, the Aolon air purifier works wonders in keeping the indoor air quality in top condition. Having this at home makes sure that you always breathe clean air. Utilizing an electric filter, it never needs to be replaced. It works quietly in the background so you can work or rest in peace even with it turned on. It guarantees to recirculate purification to protect your from allergens, dust, and other particulates in the air.

This air purifier has three modes designed to deal with all air problems. It works wirelessly so it comes with no messy wires, making it a perfect companion in the living room, bedroom, or home office.

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Nobico Dual-Core Purifier

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This good-looking air purifier is perfect for any space in your home. Packed with smart dual-core purifying technology and equipped with a HEPA filter, this Nobico air purifier claims to clear up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants, odors, and toxins while adding tons of family-friendly extras. It has a highly sensitive air quality sensor that the device kicks in on work mode automatically when the indoor air quality drops to a certain level.

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