10 Types of Dessert You Can Find in BGC and Where to Get Them

Craving for dessert while in BGC? While there are a lot of delicious ice cream places around the area, there may be times when you crave for other types of sweets.

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So, if ice cream isn’t on the cards for you, here are other types of dessert that you can try in BGC:

10 Types of Dessert You Can Find in BGC and Where to Get Them

10. Crepes

Craving for crepes? If you’re at SM Aura, check out Crazy Crepes. If you find yourself in Burgos Circle, on the other hand, give La Creperie a try.

La Creperie Chocolate Crepe

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What we love the most about La Creperie is the fact that they also offer different types of French dishes aside from crepes. So, if you’re hungry, you can have dinner here before having your crepes, as well.

9. Egg Tarts

Egg tarts are so under-rated, but they provide some legit deliciousness for those with a sweet tooth. Plus, they make for great pasalubong! Lord Stow’s Bakery offers some delicious egg tarts that everyone in the family is sure to love.

8. Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? When craving for cake while in BGC, you have several options. When in Market! Market!, you can visit Icings. When in Burgos Circle, there’s Honeybee Patisserie. And when in High Street, there’s our ever-favorite Slice.

Slice Cake BGC

Photo from Slice’s Facebook page.


You can’t go wrong with Slice. Everything there is absolutely delicious; so regardless what flavor you are craving for, you surely won’t be disappointed!

7. Cupcakes

If it’s cupcakes you want, there’s no better place than Vanilla Cupcake Bakery! Now open at Two Parkade, you can get your cupcake fix at an incredibly Instagram-worthy shop.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Photo from @maxenemagalona on Instagram via Vanilla Cupcake Bakery’s Facebook page.


Not only is everything Instagrammable at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, but they’ve got al to of different flavors for you to try out, as well. You might end up taking home a box.

6. Donuts

While well-known donut places like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts are all well and good, why not revisit your childhood at Market! Market! and get yourself some Lil’ Orbits Mini-Donuts instead?

Lil Orbits Mini Donuts

There’s just something about these little donuts that bring back some great memories. Be warned, though: they can be highly addicting!

5. Mochi

Surprisingly, not a lot of my friends have tried mochi balls for dessert. This is surprising because I absolutely love them! And the good news is that Mochi Sweets is now available at SM Aura!

Mochi SweetsIf you aren’t well-acquainted with mochi, we’d highly recommend trying some of the ‘safer’ flavors, like chocolate or green tea, first.

4. Cookies

It’s impossible not to like cookies and what better place to get your cookie fix than the renowned Mrs. Fields? Since I was a kid, I’ve been craving for Mrs Fields whenever I wanted chocolate chip cookies and things haven’t changed a single bit now that I have a kid of my own.

Mrs Fields Cookies

Photo from Mrs Fields’ Facebook page.


Mrs Fields Cookies are soft and full of chocolatey goodness, it’s hard to resist them. When in BGC, you can find them at Treston International College.

3. Cheesecake

Cheesecake tends to be a hit and miss in the metro, but one place that we absolutely love with great cheesecake is Gustare Kitchen. Located at the W Bldg at North Bonifacio Triangle, you can get delicious desserts at this place.

Carrot Cake Cheesecake Gustare Kitchen


Photo from Gustare Kitchen’s Facebook page.

They’ve got pies, too! So, whether you are craving for French apple pie, lemon meringue tart, crack pie or pecan pie, you can find what you need right here.

2. Bing Su

My current favorite alternative to ice cream! Bing Su is a Korean dessert with shaved ice and a ton of different delicious toppings on top. While there are various bing su places to visit at BGC, including Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe at the 3rd floor of the BGC Stopover Pavilion and Seol and Bean at Fort Strip, our favorite is definitely Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu at Forum South Global.

Cafe SeolHwa Bing Su

Photo from Cafe SeolHwa’s Facebook page.


You can take your pick of toppings from delicious fruits with syrup to chocolate-y goodness with brownies. Either way, they definitely won’t skimp on your toppings of choice.

1. Churros

Obviously, you’ve heard of Churreria La Lola at least once in your life. Everyone raves about the churros at Churreria La Lola – and for good reason: they are one of the very few places in the metro that get their churros right. And their chocolate dip? HEAVEN!

Churreria La Lola Churros

Photo from Churreria La Lola’s Facebook page.


Seriously: you haven’t tasted churros ’til you’ve tasted their churros. So, if you find yourself at Uptown Place Mall sometime, make sure you don’t miss grabbing some! Sometimes, one order isn’t even enough for me.

What’s your favorite dessert? Share it with us! 🙂