10 Things You Should Know About Trail Running

5. “Always respect the distance.”

This is what Roselle told me as she prepared her gear the night before the 50KM run. It was her first time to attempt such a feat and she was anxious about the trail as she was more used to road running. I couldn’t believe that someone as experienced as she could be nervous, but Roselle told me in a serious tone, “You always have to respect the distance. Kahit 3K or 5K lang, respect the distance.”

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I guess she meant that you shouldn’t get cocky or overconfident despite your training and experience. Personally, I thought I would have an easier time doing the 11K run for TNF100 because just two weeks before, I had participated in the Salomon X-trail 12K run and finished in less than two hours. Turns out the Baguio trail was extra challenging – I went waaay beyond two hours and crossed the finish line with two injured knees. Lesson learned: Never underestimate the trail!

4. No pain, no gain. But when you do feel pain…

“Rest, ice, compress, and elevate!” Roselle said. It’s always good to push yourself and test your limits, but when you can’t stand the pain anymore or feel like fainting, it’s time to sit down and rest.

3. Keep a list of your races.

Dennis off RunningPinoy.wordpress.com gave me this handy tip. Keep track of your progress by listing down the races you’ve joined and the time it took to complete each one. It’s a good way to follow your progress and stay motivated!



2. “It’s doable.”

Tim Sedo, the regional marketing manager for Hong Kong and Asia, had this to say about trail running. The 50K and 100K routes are definitely difficult, but for those who are interested but intimidated to try the shorter distances, you need only know that it is doable. “If you look at what your limits are and what your boundaries are, you just put your head to the ground, foot after foot, then go,” said Tim. “Make sure you eat right. Don’t drink the night before!”

1. Enjoy and take in the scenery!

Because how often do you get to run through roads like this one? When you’re in the midst of something this beautiful, there’s nothing left to do but relish the moment and be thankful for getting to witness Mother Nature at her best.





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