10 Things to Cross Off of Your Enchanted Kingdom Bucket List!

Written by: Claire Chingkoe (ig: @clairechingkoe)

Photography by: Gian Latorre (instagram: @moshigian), Franchesca Nicole Collantes (instagram: @nekzoned), Briane Marana (instagram: @mcbrianejaffe), and Roldan Ramos (instagram: @danrolmosra)

Is there anything more enchanting than plans for a fun day out? Skip the stress and give yourself a break by heading to Laguna for the perfect getaway! Whether you’re bonding with friends or going on a cute date, it’s probably been a while since you’ve last paid this kingdom a visit – so how about grabbing some friends and seeing how many of these things you can check off of your bucket list?

10 Things to Cross Off of Your Enchanted Kingdom Bucket List!

10. Disk-O-Magic

Disk-O-Magic Enchanted Kingdom

Exhilarating and leaves you breathless, Disk-O-Magic is a good place to start – highly recommended for those with pent-up emotions in need of release. While this giant, spinning clunk of a monster may be intimidating to look at, we witnessed a man who was expressionless for the entire duration of the ride. I guess some people really are dead inside.

9. EKstreme Tower

EKstreme Tower Enchanted Kingdom 2

Kind of like getting a new piercing, it’s a one-time, big-time kind of pain (minus the maintenance). You’re basically just going up and down in your seat, right? The torture is all in the anticipation of the drop – and once it does, you’ll realize your soul has decided to depart from this world in search of another as you plummet back to hell earth.

8. Anchors Away

Anchors Away Enchanted Kingdom

Any Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo fans out there? Trust me when I say her iconic air poses are not easy to replicate… I swear, in that moment, I resembled a constipated rat posing as Superman. It’s okay, though; my Jung Joon-Hyung has yet to come. In the meantime, I’ll just keep practicing…

7. Skill Games

Game Booth Enchanted Kingdom

The games can be a lot trickier than they look, but the prizes are so adorable! Be sure to give it a few shots, but you might just lose yourself (and your money) if you don’t break out of their spell. I mean, you can always buy them at the store, but where’s the satisfaction in that?

6. Jungle Log Jam

Log Jump Enchanted Kingdom

A simple rollercoaster with a little sprinkle (heh) on the side. A tip for my fellow kinda-sorta-maarte people out there? Indian sit. (Or as I call it, crisscross apple sauce.) It’ll prevent your shoes from getting wet! You’re only halfway through this list, so it might be a bother to complete it in wet shoes. (Unless you came in flip flops, then you must be a veteran.)

5. Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Enchanted Kingdom 2

Imagine being sent to the top of this ride and thinking – did anyone die on this ride? Is this seat really going to hold me upside down? Is Final Destination 3 going to repeat itself today?! You bet I screamed The Lord’s Prayer like it was nobody’s business. Okay, it may have been in my head, but is anyone really capable of saying anything other than AAAAH during this point in time? I thought so.

4. Air Race

Air Racer Enchanted Kingdom

Seems like the inventor of this ride went, “Hey, why not create a seemingly harmless airplane ride on crack?” Open your eyes in the midst of it all, and you’ll feel as if you tripped into some alternate universe. No worries; that’s just the blood rushing to your head… which might keep you woozy even after it’s over. The ride can opt to go 180 or 360 degrees randomly per turn, so choose wisely.

3. Rio Grande

Enchanted Kingdom 5

The main unwritten goal of an amusement park trip is not to look the same way you did walking in. This ride is how you accomplish that goal. Go ahead and gamble on your seats because the chances of you remaining dry are 2 out of 7. You can attempt to avoid the water, but you’ll probably just end up wetter yourself. Fun!

2. Flying Fiesta

Flying Fiesta Enchanted Kingdom

…And now your attempt to dry off! It’s much nicer to try this ride at night because of the yellow lights that complement the interesting designs (#aesthetic). It could even be relaxing (if not for the harsh white and red lights that blink rapidly as if featuring you in the buildup of some horror movie). Forget all that. Close your eyes, swing your legs, and think happy thoughts.

1. Love on Top of AgilaLove On Top Enchanted Kingdom

Take a walk through Eldar’s workshop and enter a flying theater that showcases the Philippines in the most beautiful way. The Flying Theater, called AGILA: THE EKSPERIENCE, is the first and only flying theater in the country. It’s the biggest and latest attraction to date!

End the night with a rooftop dining experience. Love on Top of Agila is a romantic buffet dinner, serving Bohemian cuisine including paella, goulash, croquettes, other fried finger food pieces, and dessert.

Love On Top Bohemian Food Enchanted Kingdom

Enjoy the lovely songs played by their live band as you eat, while being surrounded by fairy lights and flowers hanging nicely in the background. After some time, a brilliant firework display will light up over the area, allowing you to have the best view.

Love On Top Fireworks Enchanted Kingdom

It may sound impossible, but everyone likes a challenge! Cross out everything on this list by starting early and planning carefully to avoid long lines. Also, differently themed rooftop dinners from movie nights to girls’ nights are in the works to give everyone a chance at building new memories with Enchanted Kingdom. It’s going to be EKciting!

Harry Houdini Enchanted Kingdom

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