10 Rick and Morty characters we will never forget!

According to Mr. Poopybutthole who now has a wife and kid, we will have to wait for season 4 ‘for a really long time’. While we wait for him to have grandkids and grow a ‘Santa Claus beard’, here are some of the unforgettable characters from the previous seasons to keep us company!

10. Mr. Poopybutthole

The longtime family friend is mistaken as an alien parasite in the Total Rickall episode where random characters appear messing with the Smith family’s memories. Recovering from a bullet wound from Beth, he extends his apologies to the family for ‘not having bad memories together’.

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9. Mortimer ‘Morty’ Smith Jr.

How can we forget 14yo Morty’s son? We all thought he was cute until he dropped his first few words, ‘death’ and ‘domination’. The half human, half Gazorpian grew up to be a writer following Brad Anderson’s advice to channel his violent and destructive urges into being creative. The book? “My Horrible Father”

8. Mr. Meeseeks

“I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!” As explained by Rick, you press the Meeseeks Box, you make a request, the Meeseeks fulfills the request, and it stops existing. However, Jerry gave it a not-so-simple task: taking two strokes off his golf game. He’s just… painfully average.


7. Hemorrhage

Morty and Summer were dealing with their parents’ divorce and fell in love with this post-apocalyptic dimension. Hemorrhage became the leader of “Death Stalkers” after Summer beat Colossus. They fell in love with each other too and got married. She soon learned from experience why their mom left their dad.


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6. Birdperson

Rick’s best friend who married Summer’s classmate Tammy. He had known Rick longer than the Smiths. Tammy was later revealed as an undercover member of the Galactic Federation from which Rick, Birdperson and Squanchy had warrants of arrest for being freedom fighters of its oppression. Killed at his own wedding and reanimated by his wife, he returns as Phoenixperson in cyborg form.

5. Snowball (previously known as Snuffles)

Jerry asked Rick to get a little bit of his science to use in the family after Snuffles peed on the carpet. This resulted in the dog’s transformation to Snowball (because his fur is pretty and white) – the self-aware dog who is in search of his testicles. He assembled an army and eventually left Earth to live on a planet of their own.

4. King Jellybean

One in every 10 Rick and Morty adventures, Morty gets to choose. As Morty tries to prove his grandpa that the adventure he picked was fun, he bumps into this pedophile who turns out to be the ruler of the village he wanted to save. Despite being the most horrifying character of all, Ricks proves himself to be the greatest grandpa of all!

Rick and Morty Season 2 Episode 7 Tiny Rick Dance

3. Tiny Rick

Rick transferred his brain to a younger clone of himself to catch the vampire at Morty and Summer’s high school. Everybody loved him but as his teenage-self refused to go back to his old body, nobody knew he was dying. This was expressed through a song/dance called ‘Let Me Out’.


2. Pickle Rick

Rick Sanchez intentionally missed their family’s therapy session by turning himself into a pickle. His badass adventure begins as Beth took away the syringe which contained what could turn him back to human form. A cat knocked him out of the garage and rain flushed him down the sewer which forced him to make his way to the session.


1. Evil Morty

The one responsible for killing 27 Ricks from various dimensions and torture to hundreds of Mortys. Upon Evil Rick’s death, we discovered that Evil Morty had been controlling him and successfully escaped. Will he be back, or did he already return?

Will any of these characters return on season 4? Do you believe that Beth is not a clone? I’m pretty sure we all have a lot of questions and other characters in mind we’ll miss and hope to see next season.

Who’s your favorite Rick and Morty character?