10 Reasons to Try Indoor Cycling with Ride Revolution

If you’re looking for a fun workout that provides results, indoor cycling might just be the one for you. Though your first ride might be overwhelming ( I know I found myself thinking I was running out of breath and like I couldn’t feel my legs anymore), the feeling of accomplishment once you finish the workout is intoxicating and you’ll soon find yourself wanting more!

It’s such an addicting workout and what’s great about it is it that it isn’t just a leg workout – you really work out your entire body! What’s also great about it is that, since it’s usually a group class, you’re surrounded by people who are working on the same goals as you and you get to be fueled by each other’s positive energies.

This is exactly what Ride Revolution is all about. The relatively new cycling studio in Makati offers a fun, energetic and encouraging space for people to work out in. Each class has upbeat music accompanied by black lights and red lights to get you pumped up for your workout, and the instructors guide you and motivate you to give your best in the workout.


So, for those of you looking for another workout to add to your usual workouts, or are bored and looking for a fun and challenging exercise, here are some reasons why I think you should definitely give Ride Revolution a try!


10 Reasons to Try Indoor Cycling with Ride Revolution

10. Indoor cycling is a high intensity, but low impact workout.

The benefit of it being a low impact workout is that the chances of you injuring yourself are slim. Worry not, though, because this doesn’t hinder you from reaping maximum benefits from the workout! It’s still a high intensity, full body workout.

9. Core strengthening. Muscle toning. Maximum calorie burning.

I can assure you that your core will be fully engaged throughout the whole workout. Though it’s a bike workout, Ride Revolution instructors incorporate a lot of upper body and arm workouts (push-ups, crunches, twists, bicep and triceps workouts, arm circles, jabs, and many more), so you lose as much calories and work out as many body parts as possible!

Riderevolution7Ride Revolution is also an indoor cycling boutique. They have clothes and shoes for sale in the studio.

Aside from the workout itself, I also consider the actual studio, its equipment and the staff. I think having a clean environment, efficient equipment and friendly staff members contribute to how great you’ll feel before, during and after the workout!

8. They’re well equipped and very accommodating.

Lockers with digital locks, face towels, bath towels, clean toilets and shower areas, and even cold lemon-scented towels after your workout! I love how Ride Revolution provides almost everything you’d need. Their showers have heaters, their towels are always clean and readily available, and even though they sell bottled water they refill your water bottle for you when needed!

Riderevolution10The receiving area is spacey and air-conditioned – a perfect place to chill at before and after the workout.

7. They provide clean shoes for you.

For the bikes used by Ride Revolution, cleated shoes are provided so that you can clip yourself onto the bike. This is so that your hamstrings and glute muscles can be fully engaged. The shoes provided in Ride Revolution are clean (they clean them after every use!)

6. Data Consoles and performance tracking.

I’m really competitive with myself, so this was my favorite feature! The bikes have data consoles on them that show you your RPM (revolutions per minute), distance (in kilometers), power, heart rate, and (what’s important for a lot of people) calories burned! Aside from being able to track your progress during the workout, Ride Revolution also updates you with your performance by emailing your stats to you! Also, if you have an account online, you can actually track your performances per ride. Ride Revolution provides you with your ranking and tables and graphs to show you how much progress you’ve been making.

Riderevolution4The rules of Ride Revolution

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