10 Productive Things You Can Do During the New Normal

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The quarantine has made us realize many things and one of them is this: after the lockdown, it’s time to finally do the things that we keep putting off. It may be making that doctor’s appointment we keep forgetting or doing  general cleaning for the home. Whatever it is, we finally have time to do whatever it is we’ve been meaning to do for the past months or years. The general community quarantine (GCQ) is still in place so we don’t advise going out unless truly necessary, but here are 10 things to get your gears running:

10. Fix that one broken thing at home

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Being stuck at home for more than two months has given us the opportunity to see our homes in greater detail. We‘ve imagined how we would redecorate or renovate our house if only we can go out to buy new sheets, tables, or chairs. Here’s one thing that surely bugged many at home: seeing that one broken thing all day, every day. Is it that lightbulb you haven’t changed in months? Or that faulty doorknob? It’s time to finally fix it. We advise buying online and having it delivered so you minimize contact with the outside world.

9. Start biking (or learn to ride)

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Public transportation is back during GCQ. During this time, commuting may be more difficult because it will operate at a limited capacity. And frankly, would you want to commute while the COVID-19 cases are still rising? For short distances, make biking your primary form of transportation. It’s good for your health and the environment. If you don’t know how, now’s the best time to learn.

8. Learn to cook

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Many practiced their cooking skills during the quarantine. On social media we saw people preparing dalgona coffee, sourdough bread and ube cheese pan de sal, sushi bake, and all sorts of culinary delights. If you’re already a cooking mama, keep it up and continue experimenting with new recipes. For those who are clumsy in the kitchen, it’s time to level up. There are tons of recipes online. Cooking is more affordable than having food delivered and will be healthier in the long run (assuming you’re cooking healthy meals).

7. Make more time with friends

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We’ve relied on social media to keep in touch with friends and we’re sure you’ve also reconnected with people you haven’t talked to in months or years. Keep that momentum alive by rekindling old friendships. When it’s completely safe to go out (as in when the pandemic is over), make plans to meet and catch up.

If you live alone, do the same for your family.

6. Support local businesses

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Those who have small businesses were hit hard during the pandemic. Those who have an entrepreneurial spirit took their business online and even offered free delivery for those nearby. Support them by buying their products. Each purchase will help them pay their bills. If your friends and family have businesses, support them even more.

5. Think about starting your own business

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The “no work, no pay” concept made us realize that it’s a good idea to have an alternative source of income. Know how to bake? Sell your pan de sal and cupcakes! Know how to write or create graphics? You can get freelance gigs. Starting your own thing may take some time and effort, so it’s okay to start with thinking about it. It’s always great to save for a rainy day.

4. Start your fitness journey

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We have tons of excuses for not working out: too much time spent in traffic, too tired after work, the gym is too far. The quarantine has eliminated many reasons why we can’t start our fitness journey. If you haven’t started it yet, you still can. If you want to improve your physique, start now. Gyms are still closed but YouTube has tons of workout videos that are effective and easy to follow. Buy a jump rope online, go jogging around your street, or do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in the living room. Choose which one you enjoy the most.

3. Start that passion project

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We’re sure many of you have started on that passion project but if you haven’t, get on it now. The quarantine has given us more time to pursue our hobbies. Whether it’s baking, sewing, or writing, start it today. You’ll finally get your project off the ground, plus it’s a great way to de-stress from all the negative news online.

2. Take care of the environment

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People were saying the Earth is healing after reports showing that the air quality in Metro Manila improved so much that you could see Sierra Madre. We can continue this trend if we take care of the environment. There are plenty of ways we can do it and they’re all simple: say no to single-use plastic, walk and bike more, and learn to recycle.

Another way to do this is to support sustainable energy sources. Coal power is abundant and thought of as relatively cheap, but coal plants aren’t clean. They emit significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, ash, and other pollutants. There is growing interest in clean and renewable energy, such as solar and wind. This is best paired with natural gas, which emits significantly lower levels of harmful emissions compared to coal . Just how low ? In 2018, natural gas plants in the Philippines helped the country avoid 13 million tons of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of removing 3 million cars from the road!

First Gen Corporation is a power generation company that produces power using clean and renewable energy sources only. It does not use coal at all and relies on natural gas, geothermal, hydro, wind, and solar power. In 2019, they provided 21% of the entire Philippine power demand through their numerous power plants around the country.

1. Prioritize mental health

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All the negative news bombarding our social media feed makes it even more important to prioritize our mental health. This means making sure to take care of ourselves so that we can have inner peace.

How do we do it? This can take on the form of limiting your access to social media. Doing more of what we love. Deep breathing and journal writing are also helpful tips. We won’t be able to do any of the things above if we don’t put ourselves in a good mental place. Take a break and take care of yourself. You deserve it.

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