10 Pet Peeves That Drive People Nuts

Don’t you just get irritated when people block your pathway while walking or take the elevator to the 2nd floor? UGH! IRRITATING!

I was inspired to write this article because someone triggered one of my pet peeves. I wanted to write about my experience, but I thought it might be better to find out what other people’s pet peeves are instead. So, I posted a question on Facebook and asked my friends, “What’s your biggest pet peeve”? Here are some of the things that they answered.

10 Pet Peeves That Drive People Nuts

10. The Blue Thumbs Up!  thumbs up Don’t you just cringe when you make an effort to send a long message, trying to start a conversation, or start a serious conversation and the other person replies with a BLUE THUMBS UP!?

9. One-Letter Replies

Don’t you have the time to compose a better reply? Or are you just not interested? Which is which? I’m hurting here.

8. When People Don’t Reply, But They’re Online

Mean Girls This one hits home on so many levels and I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate, especially when you are talking to your crush or maybe your partner.

7. Bathroom Selfies

Who would have thought that posting selfies in the bathroom can irritate someone to no end? I personally don’t see any problem with this, but apparently, some people do.

6. Condescending or Sarcastic Replies

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-8-14-08-pmGrabbed from randomblog.org

Some examples: WOW NAMAN, EDI IKAW NA!, EDI WOW!

5. Last-Minute Cancellations

cancel-last-minute-meme This is my personal pet peeve. I hate people cancelling at the last minute because it destroys the whole plan!

4. People Who Spit on the Streets

This is super disgusting.

3. People Who Don’t Practice CLAYGO (Clean As You Go)

delete Aren’t we civil enough to clean up after ourselves?


stuff not stuffs

Photo from crispypatakarekare.com

This is pretty funny! Give a bag printed with the word “STUFFS” to a Grammar Nazi and watch them go crazy.

1. People Who Chew Loudly

To top it off,  the most popular pet peeve from everyone’s answer is… PEOPLE CHEWING LOUDLY! IRRITATING!!! That’s a wrap! Feeling guilty after reading the list? Let us know what your pet peeves are in the comments and tag your friends!

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