10 Overused Lines When Taking a ‘Groufie’

WIM Writers

You’ve heard of the word selfie and you’ve probably taken loads of it a well. For the uninitiated (who is probably living under a rock and still using an ultra-durable Nokia analog handset), a selfie is a picture that a person has taken of himself or herself using a smartphone or webcam, which is usually shared on various social networks.

Meanwhile, a groufie is a just a group selfie. And this catch-phrase is fast in becoming the trend (especially with all the selfie sticks available around and smartphones having a panoramic resolution on their front camera).

With groufie becoming the in thing, here are some of the overused lines we hear when taking one.

10. O yung maliliit sa harap. (Rough translation: The shorter ones should be in front.)

Yes, we know. You don’t have to emphasize it.

9. Ayokong ju-moin, mataba/haggard ako sa picture. (Rough translation: I don’t want to join, I look fat/haggard/tired in the picture.)

Overused Lines Groufies (1)Matabang haggard nga!

You know that one friend who kills everyone’s excitement when taking a groufie. Yes, this is his/her favorite line to join but eventually in the end gives in. Minsan papilit lang eh tapos ayaw ng paawat after.

8. Isa pa, isa pa! O dito ka naman. (Rough translation: One more. Oh you stay here..)

Overused Lines Groufies (7)

These are the words uttered for a never-ending groufie. We probably won’t stop unless there is no more memory on the phone. One would even tell people to change positions and poses every now and then.

7. Madilim, lagyan mo ng flash. (Rough translation: It’s dark, turn on the flash.)

Overused Lines Groufies (9)See, I told you against the light eh.

Since groufies are often taken when hanging out with friends on parties/bars/night outs, more often than not, the setting is really dark. So the first shot is almost always just a photo of darkness. Then, one would shout turn on the flash. And then, all oily faces often emerge on the photo.

Also, not all smartphones have front cam flash. Life’s tough all around.

6. Sa likod ako/half body lang kasi mukha akong mataba. (Rough translation: I should be at the back/Take half body shot only because I look fat.)

Overused Lines Groufies (2)Half body sabi eh.

For the first one, it’s alright if you’re tall but if you’re not, how can you be seen in the photo? Well, standing on a chair would probably solve the problem. And diet and exercise, definitely.

For the second one, we might all just appear like floating heads. Or we can just add emojis to cover your alleged chubbiness. And diet and exercise, definitely.

5. Ikaw humawak (ng monopod), mahaba kamay mo e. (Rough translation: You hold the monopod, you have long arms.)

Overused Lines Groufies (8)Pero san ba titingin?

And you’re thin so you should be right in front of the camera.

4. Ay ang pangit/taba ko, wag mong i-upload yan. (Rough translation: I don’t look good / I’m fat in the photo, don’t upload it.)

Overused Lines Groufies (6)Di ka naman mataba, big boned lang.

There are like 10 other people in the photo and majority of them looks good. Also, it’s the memory that counts. LOL.

3. Duck face! 

Overused Lines Groufies (5)

Is this still a thing?

2. Wacky naman!!! (Rough translation: Let’s have a wacky shot.)

Overused Lines Groufies (4)Guilty.

It never fails. There should always be at least one wacky shot. And for most people, it’s just simply putting up a peace sign or opening their mouth wide.

1. Patingin! (Rough translation: Let me see!!)

Every shot should be judged before posting on Facebook.

Of course, you cannot post a photo we’re I don’t look good.

Unless it’s a wacky shot. So there’s at least one photo you can possibly upload.

Minsan nga lang, medyo atat tingnan.

I bet you probably heard/used one of these lines.

What other lines do you often hear when taking a groufie?