10 OPM Secrets Revealed at the Song in Focus Podcast

Often wonder what stories lay behind well-known OPM tracks? The Song in Focus Podcast, one of the top music podcasts in the Philippines hosted by singer-songwriters Acel and Denic Lao, just spilled 10 secrets behind our all-time favorite songs, courtesy of the artists themselves!

1. It’s Okay by Clara Benin was Supposed to be Electronic and Experimental

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Clara revealed that the original intention of the song was to make it electronic and experimental so she can explore more with her music. While recording the demo though, she felt that the original sound was better.

2. Spongecola’s Jeepney was Popularized by a Leaked Live Performance

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Performances and demos of Spongecola’s songs including Jeepney got leaked through the peer-to-peer file sharing application Kazaa. Starting out underground, it eventually reached thousands of downloads.

3. Pusakalye and This Band’s Wala na ang Init was Rejected in a Songwriting Contest

The original plan was to submit it in a songwriting contest but the demo was rejected. Passionate for the song, Pusakalye then decided to release it in collaboration with This Band.

4. A Line from Yeng’s Hawak Kamay was inspired by a Classic Anime

The line “sa mundo ng kawalan” was from the Filipino version of the opening song for the anime B’t X. Yeng spent a part of her childhood being an avid viewer of the show.

5. The Original Title for Silent Sanctuary’s Sa’yo is “Sarado”

Even the lyrics used to be “Kung maging tayo, sarado ang puso ko.” The band shares that they wrote the song after remembering the love story of the band’s friend. In the relationship, the guy doesn’t want any label, never showing affection when they are in public.

6. Prettier than Pink’s Lei Bautista Viewed their Song Cool Ka Lang as Uncool

She admitted that even in the beginning when she wrote the song, she was not fond of it. Over time though, Lei says that she does not hate it anymore but is a song that she is thankful for with it being a classic in the Philippine music scene.

7. Valley of Chrome’s Markang Bungo was Born from the Band’s Midlife Crisis

Valley Of Chrome Markang Bungo Japanese Version CUSTOM THUMB

Reaching 15 years of being in a band, the lead vocalist reflected on their group’s music and purpose. They reached a burnout period and the song was Rogel’s way of reminding the group that their group exists for a reason.

8. All of the Eraserheads First Reunited in Itchyworms’ Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay

And E-heads didn’t even know about it! Itchyworms reveals that they individually asked each member of Eraserheads to record the first and last part that we hear on the song’s music video.

9. Acel’s Lagi Na Lang was initially for Himig Handog

But she didn’t get in the final 12 and turns out it was because they wanted to sign her to Star Music. Now the “anti-hugot” track is officially released under the label and was sung by Acel herself.

10. Denice Lao’s Araw at Buwan Started as an English Poem

The indie singer-songwriter later revealed that the track was her first-ever Filipino track that was triggered by a songwriting challenge by one of her closest friends.

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