10 Oishi Snacks From Around Asia + Where to Find Them Here


No matter what age you are now, reminiscing about Pinoy childhood memories will always involve snack time — meaning there will always be that tsitsirya we all know and love while watching our favorite cartoons, or to fill us up after a long day playing under the sun!

Now on it’s 70th year, Liwayway Marketing Corporation, the company behind our favorite snack brand Oishi, started out with their humble beginnings by repacking “gawgaw” and coffee which later on ventured into making snack time more memorable for generations of all ages. Chances are, your parents loved classic treats like the Oishi Prawn Crackers or Kirei back then as well! And through the years, Oishi has not just remained a Filipino favorite, but has captured hearts all around Asia as well.

Liwayway celebrates its 70th anniversary with the launch of Oishi’s World of O, Wow! Bag, carrying beloved treats from all over Asia! Here are just some of the exciting and yummy goodies we can get our hands on!




Vietnamese Oishi snacks include Tomati, a tasty sweet-sour snack made and flavored with tomatoes, and a coconut flavor of our beloved Pillows! Can this be a regular flavor in the Philippines?



From Indonesia is a Southeast Asian-inspired snack called Suky Suky Sweet & Spicy Shrimp, which are shrimp crackers sweetly glazed and sprinkled with chili flakes!




Taking cues from the Thai dish larb, a popular and savory meat dish, Makado Sticks Larb is a potato snack that will transport you to the wonderful Thailand! They’re also kicking the sweet-savory combo up another notch with O-pa- la, chocolate-covered potato chips!


Get a load of spicy hickory barbecue goodness with Potato Chips Baby Back Ribs, with the authentic taste of American baby back ribs! There’s also Whits Original for the more health-conscious, that’s just as tasty as it is healthy — the snack comes with semolina oil, oats, whole wheat, and sunflower oil.






From our very own are favorites such as Wafu, a wafer-stick snack with creamy leche flan filling and Ziggs – yummy chocolate granola clusters, plus some new varieties we’ll all be addicted to soon enough: Panchos, tortilla chips; Crunchy Karl’s, a cheesy curly-shaped corn snack; and Mobster’s Caramel and Cheese Popcorn.


Five countries, one goodie bag – what’s not to love in a World of O, Wow! Bag?

Want to catch these amazing treats in time for the holidays? The Oishi World of O, Wow! Bag will also be available at the Ayala Triangle this coming Dec. 16-18 for the Festival of Lights. Drop by the Oishi’s Snack Shack booth to get your own mini-giant packs and Oishi Christmas gift packs!

Disclaimer: contents may vary in every World of O, Wow! bag.

Ano kaya ang pinaka bet na international Oishi snack ng ating Team O members from the World of O, Wow bag? Watch the video to find out!

What’s your favorite Oishi snack? Share your thoughts below!

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