10 of the Worst Road Stretches in Metro Manila Traffic

Everyone knows how huge of a headache you can get on the worst instances of Manila traffic jams. It’s not that surprising at all, especially since you cannot see any significant improvements on our highways while more and more vehicles pour in day by day.

That is why you definitely need to stay away from the worst breeding grounds of this monster called Metro Manila Traffic. You do not want to experience the road becoming an instant parking lot while your clock tells you you’re already late! Not to mention the fact that horrible traffic also has a vampiric ability to suck all of your energy the longer you stay in its grip.

10 of the Worst Road Stretches in Metro Manila Traffic

Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Despite of it being a wide road to pass, traffic jams still choke up the highways because of the volume of cars from two schools beside it. Moreover, the U-turn slots do not help. Plus, the double parking of vehicles makes the road become narrower.

Roxas Boulevard, Manila to Pasay

Regardless of the road being well-constructed, traffic jams still form on morning and afternoon rush hours on Roxas Boulevard. Obviously, this is because of the buses passing through the road before turning to EDSA.

Circumferential Road 5 (C5 Road)

One look at the tall skyscrapers all over the C5 and you can easily pinpoint the reason of the monster traffic to lash on it. Pasig and Taguig can also become heavily jammed late on afternoons, especially if you will travel from SLEX.

Commonwealth, Quezon City

These Photos Exhibit the Terrible Traffic Commuters Have to Brave Everyday

A wide 10-lane road is not enough without proper and strict traffic reinforcement. The monster traffic can easily lay its hands on the vehicles and put them in a mess without the right traffic rule implementation on a certain area.

Osmeña Highway, Makati to Manila

Being a truck route makes the Osmeña Highway quite problematic, especially if you come from SLEX on rush hours. If you drive by car, you should not set your way on it during rush hours. On the other hand, avoid it on the evening when you’re on a truck.

Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Piñas

Not all traffic jams have obvious causes that you can easily recognize. Passing through the stretch of Alabang-Zapote road seems to be mystifying, especially upon passing through the end of the traffic jams. No cause at all.

Gil Puyat Buendia, Makati to Manila

Makati and Manila really have a high volume of cars and busses, not mentioning that Makati is one of the biggest commercial areas nationwide. Plus, there is a larger number of cars coming from BGC, Taguig.

EDSA Highway

10edsa traffic

Known as the most horrible highway all over Manila and in the Philippines, everybody knows that this is the perfect spot for monster traffic jam to stay for a long time. After all, all of the factors it needs are all over the place.

España Boulevard, Manila

Aside from the volume of vehicles, the number of pedestrians and tricycles on España road make the nicely paved road quite easy to catch traffic jams. Flood on rainy days is also a problem to think about. Motorists should always be careful upon passing through, and it is best to avoid it on school and rainy days.

Recto-Quiapo, Manila

This is the favorite spot of monster traffic because of a long list of reasons. For starters, this is a road around the University Belt. Second, this is a prime route for jeepneys. And finally, you cannot trust the “kotong” cops around.

Metro Manila traffic jams are something you will always want to avoid at all costs. Of course, it can easily drain all of your energy, mess up your schedule, and even damage your car through the way. Thus, you should consider the best solutions for you to deal with these headaches, and to minimize the troubles that come with it. Technology is rapidly growing everyday, so it might soon come with a solution to the worsening traffic in Metro Manila. Perhaps Dibz App could be one of them as it tries to solve the parking problem in the Metro using your mobile phone.


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