10 No Filter Hugot Lines to Live By

I just couldn’t get enough of No Filter 2.0 for some reason. There is just high relatedness in every monologue. I was literally nodding like some theater geek every time because the performance spoke so much of myself and those  fellow millenials. It was like an experience of projecting myself and at the same time pondering monologue upon monologue because there is truth and reality in every line. And these lines may never get old because they reflect life after life of every millenial soul. The beauty of the performance is not just so much in its rawness but in the lines that spoke to every millenial in the audience, darting to his or her face the truth of what is going on.

And here are some of the quotes that I got, and some after-performance tweets I posted, some No Filter 2.0 “hugot” statements that one can live-by:

10 No Filter Hugot Lines to Live By

10. To the weary at work, to the passionate with one’s mastery – “I stayed for 3 freakin’ years in the company until my passion turned into dust.”


9. To the successful, yet uncertain of the path to tread. – “I have a credit card. I have a master’s degree. I don’t know how I got to where I am now.”


8. To those floating in the air, unsure of oneself. – “We can always label ourselves ‘millenial’, but it will still be up to us.”


7. To the romantically lost and exhausted. – “Why is it always like a chess match? Love.”


6. To the self-directed. – “No matter what they say, I am enough.”


5. To the anxious and uncertain. – “Change will happen. Just don’t think too much. Don’t think even.”


4. To the lost yet driven. – “I don’t know if I have begun. But I will begin now.”


3. To the parents of millenials, or those who are trying to understand the millenials – “Don’t cut your children’s wings. They are meant to fly.”


2. To the self-affirming, and truly millennial. – “Unsure of so many things, but definitely excelling at something.”


1. To every millennial soul out there. – “You are not alone. You are never alone.”




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