10 Keys to Happiness by Winning Coaching Founder, Edwin Soriano

When In Manila, we all want to be happy, right? Thing is,as easy as it sounds, not all of us know how to. Sometimes, we even end up just pretending to be happy without really feeling it. So last week, I decided to interview my mentor, and also a very good friend of mine – Edwin Soriano.
Edwin is one of the HAPPIEST people I know, and when I say happy.. I don’t just mean that he’s always laughing, I mean that he’s generally happy and contented with his life. More over, he continues to spread this joy and happiness by sharing it with others. He continues to inspire me with the simplest things he does, from greeting the ticket lady in the parking area to having small conversations with random people on the street. He’s one of the best guys to ask tips from about finding true happiness… and following these 10 simple tips is the best way to start.
 Keys to Happiness (07)
Coach Edwin Soriano is a life coach, trainer, author and a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner. He is also the founder of Winning Coaching. He, along with his team, helps clients overcome trauma, fears, anxiety, stress and dilemmas. Through personal coaching, his clients experience improved relationships, clearer direction, and a renewed life purpose towards more happiness in life.
So how can we start living a happier and more fulfilling life? Coach Edwin shares his top 10 tips!
1) Be Grateful
Happiness starts with gratitude. There MUST be something going RIGHT in your life now. Right now, write three things that you’re grateful for today. (Level-up: Post it on facebook/twitter/IG). Repeat for next 30 days. If you break the 30-day cycle, start again. I assure you, your happiness will increase tenfold.  Promise!
2) Be Happy For Who You Are NowKeys to Happiness (03)
Wherever you are in life now, be happy now. If you require some condition to happen *before* you become happy, it will be a LONG wait. 
“I’ll be happy when I graduate”, 
“I’ll be happy when I have work”, 
“I’ll be happy when I get promoted”, 
“I’ll be happy when I have a bf/gf”, 
“I’ll be happy when I’m married”, 
“I’ll be happy when I have kids.” 
At the rate you’re going, by the time you achieve all your happiness requirements, you’ll be old and gray.  Be happy for who you are NOW! 
3) Be Hungry For Who You Could Be
Keys to Happiness (06)Fellow WhenInManila.com writer Jason Cruz admits to once being overweight, now his goal is to be the best – not just at his job, but even in his sports.
Be a better person today than yesterday. Dream BIG!  And enjoy taking action towards your dreams! Read a book, take a course, date a mentor. Keep learning. Keep growing. 
I call this #HapHung = “Happy for who I am now, Hungry for who I could be.”
4) Take Full Responsibility 
There’s just one person who is totally in charge of your happiness: YOU. Don’t wait for your parents, teacher, boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, children, employer, or anybody else to make you happy — it’s not their responsibility. You want to be happy? Take charge of YOUR own happiness. 
5) Choose Deliberately
Keys to Happiness (04)Coach Edwin with several kids during an outreach program in Puerto Galera
In any (any!) situation, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. You can choose to be defeated by the situation, or you can choose to learn. Next time you’re in a situation that typically pisses you off (traffic, boss, officemate), stop, breathe and reflect: “Do I really want to be pissed? Or can I just … let it go, let it go?” It’s a choice you make. 
6) Be Kind
Say “Thank You”, smile at a stranger, give a gift, pay for someone else’s fare, write a thank you note, call a janitor/guard by his first name, hold the door/elevator for someone, lend a hand, offer a seat. Do Random Acts of Kindness. Enjoy!
7) Serve
Keys to Happiness (02)This photo was taken in Grace to be Born – a halfway house for single pregnant mothers and orphaned children. My friends and I visited to play with the babies. Coach Edwin Soriano seen at the back carrying one of the orphaned babies.
There is an inexplicable joy when serving others. Especially those who cannot repay your act of service. Go to an orphanage, home for the aged, a cancer ward, charity/foundation, prison, the neighborhood slums, or take care of the office cat. Talk to others with a smile, serve them with errands, songs, a hand-crafted gift… anything that they would find useful. Surely you’ll come out more appreciative of your own blessings, and other life lessons.
8) Forgive
Any grudge you hold is poison to YOURSELF!  That classmate, officemate, ex, family member, taxi driver, stranger who has wronged you — forgive them. Your forgiveness doesn’t make their action any *right-er*. It just makes your life a lot brighter. 
Say this out loud: “Nobody is perfect. I forgive ______ . Pinapatawa(d) na kita!” 
The simple act of saying that line out loud is already a step towards forgiveness. 
9) Say Sorry
Nobody is perfect. Acknowledge your mistakes. Sincerely say sorry. (Don’t expect them to instantly forgive you.) Then move forward with lessons learned. 
10) Follow your heart
Keys to Happiness (01)
Fellow WhenInManila.com writer Aileen Adalid resigned from her corporate job and followed her heart by being an entrepreneur and traveling the world
Think about this. If there is one more specific action that will make YOU happy, what action would that be? Take some time to answer this question.
My Answer: ____________________________________________ . 
Well, follow your heart. Do what you need to do to be happy. It’s a choice you make, take responsibility for it.
Turn your life around today. Find out what’s stopping you from reaching your dream! Learn more about NLP Life Coaching at www.WinningCoaching.net . You can contact Coach Edwin directly at edwin@winningcoaching.net
So, what’s gonna be YOUR next move? Are you ready to start living a happier life today?