10 Inspiring Facts about Kris Bernal (Plus Her Beauty and Fashion Tips Revealed!)

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting | Photos by Jeanne Dizon and Rhobynne Patricia Villaluna

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Kris Bernal is a name in showbiz that has been in our hearts for 10 years now (ever since she won in a reality TV show along with the brightest stars of today). This girl got us experiencing a lot of things since then – laughter, sadness and anger while watching her on TV, in movies andeven in theatre!

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We are so lucky to have been able to interview GMA’s Impostora lead star as she revealed inspiring facts, as well as her beauty and fashion tips:

10 Inspiring Facts about Kris Bernal (Plus Her Beauty and Fashion Tips Revealed!)

10. She started showbiz at the tender age of 17.

“This was 2007, 17 lang ata ako noon, when I joined Starstruck Batch 4. That was 6 months and then I won as Ultimate Loveteam with Mart Escudero.” She reveals that Aljur Abrenica, her long-time love team was not her first partner. “They started giving me lead roles. We didn’t except that Aljur and I would click, so projects came for our pairing. Then I started bagging lead roles as a solo also until now.”

9. Her favorite project turned into her personal advocacy.

“My favorite project is Little Nanay. It challenged me. I did a lot of research for a character who has an intellectual disability. That was also the show that I felt  left a mark on the audience because until now, they still keep talking to me about the show and the famous tagline we had which was Happy lang.” She continues, “This was the show that gave me opportunities to communicate, be with and experience the life of the children with intellectual disabilities. I did immersion to get into the character and met a lot of people with this condition. I realized and learned a lot from it”.

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“This was also when I started supporting schools that also support people with intellectual disabilities. Until now, there is this specific center that I really support.”

8. She could have been a nurse

Siguro, I would be a nurse.” She actually took up BS Nursing when she joined Starstruck. “Because at that time, nurses were in demand abroad.”

“But if I were to choose a career, I’d still want to take up Communications or anything that has to do with TV. Ever since I was a kid, I really dreamed of being a celebrity and wanted to do something related to that.”

7. Her dream role is to be a superhero.

Gusto ko maging superhero,” sharing that she wants to do something heroic, “but I guess my figure won’t allow me to be one because I’m small and have short legs.” She also jokes, “So yung mga kalaban ko, imposibleng matalo yun kasi malalaki yung mga kalaban (laughs)”.

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“But aside from that, I also want to do a Koreanovela-like (project) because it’s very interesting” She says that she admires Koreanovela creators who really get the audience hooked.

6. She draws inspiration from different people.

Ang dami,” she laughs. “The greatest inspiration for me aside from my family and God, of course, are my fans.” She shares that these people help her succeed. “Fans really bring you places and they just accept you for who you really are, no matter what kind of bad news they hear about you. You can really say that they are solid ones who will never give up on you. It’s something that really inspires me, especially when they show appreciation for what I’m doing. I am more motivated to do better and work harder, na mas galingan ko pa.

5. She is rarely seen in flats.

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“I’m the type of person who likes florals. I’m more about dresses.” She also shares that her style is simple. “I feel like when I have a nice bag and a nice pair of shoes or no matter how simple it is, it will look elegant.”

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“I’m always wearing heels, even my slippers. I don’t know, I am just used to being elevated”, saying that she rarely wears flats, sometimes only when needed. “Siguro ‘pag naggi-gym ako, yun lang yung nakaflats ako”.

“I like EverNew. Sa bags naman, Hermes and LVs. Then Gucci, Balenciaga and Chanel.”

4. She collects designer bags.

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If there is one thing that she can’t stand not spending on, it would be designer bags. She shares that she really collects these bags and uses them to finish off her favorite looks.

3. The price tag doesn’t matter.

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Dress from Promod, Earrings from Ever New

It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you know how to style it and to mix-and-match everything. You could be a fashion icon without wearing anything expensive.”

2. She follows a basic beauty regimen.

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“Drink lots of water. Take multi-vitamins. Put hydration cream on your face every night, so your face doesn’t get dry even when you apply makeup everyday. As much as possible, remove your makeup when not needed. Put on sunscreen.”

1. She keeps her fans’ gifts.

Hanggang ngayon, tinatago ko pa ‘rin yung mga bigay ng fans – like card na pinaghirapan nila, paintings, drawings, nasa akin pa ‘din kahit matagal na”. She shares that she has a special box to keep these presents from fans.It may not be as expensive as my stuff or as others’ gifts, but it’s something that they worked hard for and I know that they took an effort to do them for me”. This is probably what makes fans kilig – when the idol they look up to truly appreciates them.

Kris really makes us believe that dreams do come true and reminds us that no matter how much of a star someone becomes, one shouldn’t forget to look back and love the people around them just as much.

Photos by Rhobz Villaluna and Jeanne Dizon

Make-up by Sam Tungul using Yves Rocher | Hair by Paolo Castillon | Styling by Sky Gavin

Clothes from Promod, Ever New and Etam | Accessories from Parfois

Shot at Selah Garden Hotel

Special Thanks to Vogue Concepts Inc, Selah Garden Hotel and GMA Artist Center