10 Golden State Warriors Memes To Keep You Excited

Are you ready, Dubnation?

In a few hours, we’ll witness the game that would land the Golden State Warriors into NBA’s history book as the team that went beyond the 15-0 opening record, or the game that would give the Warriors their first fall of the season in the hands of the Lakers.

I know, I know, we’re all excited.

But before we witness the game that would make or break history, here’s some GSW memes to keep everyone on their toes:

1. Who does it better: Curry or Bosh?

GSW meme (1)


2.  Looks like the King wants to join the Warriors next season. :))

GSW meme (2)

3. Well, they tried.

GSW meme (3)

4. Klay and Steph are so good, they’ll  have their own movie.


GSW meme (4)

5. Even the scorekeeper gave up keeping tabs on the game

GSW meme (5)

6.  Vegeta’s a fan of the Warriors too!

GSW meme (6)

7. When they enter the game, you know you’re in trouble

GSW meme (7)

8. Did Klay put a spell on the Warriors? Hmm…

GSW meme (8)

9. There’s no other way to explain it.

GSW meme (9)

10 Even Mugatu thinks the Warriors are hot.

GSW meme

Which meme is your favorite?