10 Cute and Functional Items to Get for Your Cat

Calling all cat parents, here’s your newest budol list! Whether you’re a new cat owner, planning on adopting a cat, or a veteran cat parent who just wants to get new items to spoil their cat, you’ll find something new to add to your Shopee cart here. Let’s be real, cats deserve to be spoiled and they definitely think so, too.

Here are ten cute and functional items to get for your cat:

10. Ceramic Cat Bowl

ceramic cat bowl

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If you want all of your cat’s things to match your minimalist home aesthetic, you should get this ceramic cat bowl. This cat bowl features such a stylish minimalistic design that it would look just as great in your kitchen. It also comes with a wooden bowl stand to make it easier for your cat to use.

This ceramic cat bowl comes in a variety of fashionable colors such as grey, pink, green, and white. Buy this ceramic cat bowl here!

9. Automatic Cat Feeder

automatic cat feeder

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Returning to the office and don’t have anyone to feed your cat? Planning to travel for a while and don’t want to worry about your cat’s food while you’re gone? This automatic cat feeder is a helpful essential for anyone who’s always on the go. It connects to your phone via WiFi so that you can set when to dispense food for your cat. I can also give recommendations on feeding your cat.

Plus, the cat food container helps keep it fresh for as long as possible. Buy this automatic cat feeder here!

8. Cat Harness

cat harness

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Using a leash on a cat isn’t as easy as using them on dogs, so if you want to bring your cat along for a walk around, you need to get this cat harness. This harness is comfortable for cats, and it comes in a variety of vibrant color combinations such as pink and green, blue and red, and orange and green. Buy this colorful cat harness here!

7. Colorful Cat Tower

cat tower

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A cat tower is essential for any household with a cat. If you’re planning to buy one but want something more unique and eye-catching because your cat deserves it, you should get this pink and purple cat tower. It has four platform levels, plus cute hanging stars for your cat to play with! It’s easy to fall in love with this cat tower if you love all things adorable! Buy this colorful cat tower here!

6. Cat Bed with Tunnel

cat bed

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Provide your cat with a comfy place to sleep (aside from your bed) and a playground all in one with this cute cat bed. This cat bed includes a detachable cat tunnel that serves as an instant playground. It even has a toy ball hanging at one end of the tunnel to keep your cat occupied. The cat bed is also extra comfy and features a tent-like covering. This is definitely unlike your normal cat bed! Buy this cat bed with tunnel here!

5. Cat Carrier with Wheels

cat carrier

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Want to bring your cat along on all your adventures? This cat carrier with wheels just might be the most hassle-free way to do so! This cat carrier that looks like a tiny rocket ship can either be worn like a backpack or pulled around like a trolley bag. Of course, your cat also gets to enjoy it, thanks to the clear “window” of this carrier. It’s also very spacious, making sure that your cat stays comfortable. Buy this cat carrier here!

4. Cat Toy with Suction Stand

cat toy

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This cat toy with a suction stand will keep your cat happy and preoccupied for hours. This toy features a cute and fluffy mouse toy with colorful feathers and noisy bells. It has suction at one end that allows you to stick it onto most flat surfaces, such as the floor or the walls. With this, your cat can play all by itself! Buy this cat toy here!

3. Semi-automatic Cat Litterbox


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If cleaning litter is your worst nightmare, this semi-automatic cat litterbox will make life easier for you. This litterbox has a built-in filter that can catch all of your cat’s waste when you tip the box over. The waste goes into another compartment where you can easily scoop them out, and the rest of the clean litter goes back into place once you return the box to its upright position. It’s such a time saver since you won’t have to scoop out every single clump from their litter. Watch the demo video to be amazed! Buy this semi-automatic cat litterbox here!

2. Litter Mat

litter mat

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Tired of seeing litter all over your place? This super functional litter mat will help catch all of the litter that gets stuck to your cat’s paws and fur, making sure that they’re clean and litter-free before they roam around your home. It also allows you to reuse the litter it catches! Buy this litter mat here!

1. Months’ Supply of Cat Food

whiskas cat food

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Best to buy cat food in bulk when it’s on sale! Get this 7-kilo pack of cat dry food to make sure your cat is always happy and healthy. Your wallet will thank you for the massive savings, too! Buy this 7-kilo pack of cat food here!

What are other cat essentials you have at home? Share it with us!

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