10 Beautiful Wedding Invitation Ideas

There is always something extraordinary about weddings.  It’s enchanting, magical, and full of love and creativity.

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The exceptional decor and the overflowing creativity are shown everywhere – from your table centerpiece to unique wedding invitations!

During the Middle Ages and ancient times, when skills in the art of calligraphy were practiced, the only way of sending invitations was to send a person to go to the village and announce it out loud.

Although calligraphy is coming back to the art and crafts mainstream, the spectrum of custom ideas in this day and age is already accessible.

While there are a lot of impeccable free designs available online, it’s always better to wear your creative hat and add a personal touch to it. After all, it is your wedding, so make it the best and momentous!

I know it’s just April, but if you are wishing to be a June bride, “two months is just a blink of an eye in wedding time.” So, if he asked you and you said yes, you may get some ideas from these

So, if he asked you and you said yes, you may get some ideas from these 10 of the most beautiful custom wedding invitation designs to make your announcement memento-friendly!

1. Ludwig-Allmett Wedding Package. By Primaluxe

Ludwig-Allmett-Wedding invitation

The invitation is absolutely stunning! It is an indication as well, that the couple is organized by providing everything you want to know in the wedding: complete set of RSVP forms, save the date notecards, and a map going to the church and reception.

2. Join us in the Woods by Ian Collins

unique wedding invitation ideas

Ian Collins works as a Creative Director for Simple in Portland, Oregon. He explains that since their wedding location is in the woods, they thought pop-up trees would give proper perspective to their guests who would be attending.

Into the woods wedding invitation

They rented and decorated a laser/cutter engraver to help them create these cool 3D “into the woods” inspired wedding invitations.

3. D&K Wedding Invitation by Bureau Rabensteiner

Bureau Rabensteiner Wedding invitation

This a unique contemporary design but full of elegance and sophistication. The message in a bottle peg resonated the epic sceneries of Mallorca beaches.

4. Walkable Wedding Invite by Joel Derksen

Derksen is a freelance design consultant in Germany. He designed this magnificent and unique wedding invitation.

Joel Derksen wedding invitation

According to the designer, the couple wanted to capture the cherished moments of their relationship. Thus, he included the important events of their lives and put it in the invitation. I love how detailed the invitation is.

Joel Derksen 2 wedding invitation

This is truly an exceptional masterpiece!

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