10 Beautiful Naked Islands and Beaches to Visit in the Philippines

Words by Camille Ong

The Philippines has about 7,000+ islands abundant with beautiful beaches, but how many of them do you know aside from the famous ones like Boracay, Siargao, and Palawan? Perhaps, like many other tourists, you like the comfort in traveling to these commercial destinations, but the truth is there are so many other islands and beaches out there that deserve the same attention.

The lesser-known gems in this list won’t offer the same comfort as the more famous beaches in the Philippines. Some may have a few resorts on them while the others only offer the barest of amenities, but the best thing about them is that they get less tourists, too. Which means less noise, less pollution, and more tranquility. And isn’t that why you want to get away in the first place?

Here are 10 naked islands and beaches to visit in the Philippines!

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10. Anawangin Cove  

10. anawangin

Credit: @John Hernandez ?

The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo resulted in the shores of Anawangin Cove to be covered by volcanic ash. Although this beach isn’t your usual summer fantasy because of the ashy sand and its pine trees that are more reminiscent of Baguio, there’s just something charming about its unique landscape. Tucked away in San Antonio, Zambales, this beach will surely be an unforgettable getaway. There are only resorts with basic amenities so get ready to experience nature in its raw form!

9. Cagbalete Island

9. cagbalete

Credit: @moimoi

Just a short boat ride away from the town of Mauban, Quezon, Cagbalete is the perfect destination if you want to relax on a quiet island. Aside from the crystal clear waters of the ocean, there are mangrove areas if you need a change of scenery. The water is quite shallow in some areas (safe for your children!) but if you wanna go deep, there are boats you could rent on the island. The resorts all have beachfront access so you’ll be able to wake up to a wonderful view. I suggest renting a tent to make the most out of this peaceful island.

8. Sabtang Island

8. Sabtang

Credit: @Arianna’s

Found in faraway Batanes, this island has one of the best breathtaking views! Batanes is known for its vast fields, scenic landscapes, and heritage sites, but what if you could enjoy all that while having fun at the beach? One of the beaches on the island is the Morong Beach. You’ll notice how different it is from the others because of the rock formations scattered around the vicinity. Pictured above is the natural formation that is the Nakabuang arch.

7. Tambaron Island

7. Tambaron

Credit: @Travel Factor

With its beaches and coves, you’ll never run out of things to do here in Mindoro. If lazing around isn’t your thing, you can go hiking, kayaking, or snorkeling. Especially snorkeling because of its thriving marine life! While the view is amazing on land, the corals and the fishes will sure bring color to your life. The forests around the area provide cover and is the perfect avenue if you want to go trekking.

6. Magpupungko

7. magpupungko

Credit: @Joan Bartolome ☠️☠️☠️

Found in famous Siargao, Magpupungko is one to watch out for because of its rock formations and tidal pools. When it’s low tide, the rock pools show up and it’s like having your own spot just for you. Because of all the spots due to the low tide, it looks like an archipelago from afar. But since the tides aren’t the same every day, best be sure and check the time of the tide for the day to make the most out of your trip to this island!

5. Gigmoto

6. gigmoto

Credit: @Laumie Gucilatar ??

Catanduanes, where Gigmoto can be found, is also known as the Happy Island. Just from the name itself, we can conclude that this place has fun activities in store for you! A sleepy little town, Gigmoto is one of the best spots to go if you don’t want to be bored. Aside from the beach, there are falls to visit and festivals if you get the chance to catch it.

4. White Island

5. white island

Credit: @Jeremy Kruis

The name explains it all. This island is a horseshoe-shaped sandbar in Mambajao, Camiguin. There is no cover (trees or shelter) whatsoever and it’s uninhabited. If you want to experience an island without anything man-made on it, then this is your chance. The whiteness of the sand against the blue ocean is such a nice contrast. Everywhere you look, you’ll see blue and white!

3. Daku Island

4. daku

Credit: @Bookie PH

Siargao is known to be a surfer’s paradise because of its waves but if you’re feeling lazy and just want to chill, then Daku Island is the place for you. This island in Siargao is a break from the thrilling waves. With soft sand under your toes, a calm sea, and a peaceful shoreline, Daku is a must visit if you find yourself in the area.

2. Malacapuya Island

3. malacapuya

Credit: @Big Dream Boat Man – Coron

When in Coron, go island hopping! This is one of the islands that you shouldn’t miss. Its white sand is reminiscent of Boracay just without all the noise and people. While small, this is the perfect stop if you just want to laze around and enjoy the view. You can even lie down on the sand because it’s so soft, like powder, or just stare at the never-ending ocean that looks like something straight out of a postcard.

1. Sambawan Island

1. sambawan

Credit: @rizainwonderland

This beautiful strip of beach is like paradise. Sambawan Island in Biliran has almost everything nature has to offer us. Rocky formations, grassy fields, white sand, coral gardens, and water so blue and clear. Also known for its marine sanctuary, Sambawan has become a popular dive spot because of its thriving marine life.

The islands above are just options you could go to. The Philippines has many more islands and they each have their own beauty to offer. When visiting these naked islands or beaches, don’t forget to leave no trace! Don’t harm any marine life and don’t leave your trash just anywhere. If possible, the place should be cleaner after we leave. We need to preserve these islands. Hopefully, they won’t follow the footsteps of Boracay, which had to temporarily close down due to environmental rehabilitation.

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Which of these beautiful naked islands have you been to? Tell us in the comments!