“1-4-Life” Outreach Program to Asilo Orphanage in the Philippines

Every BIG idea, every BIG event, every BIG change, usually starts from a small spark. That’s all we had and, as it turns out, that’s all we needed.

A group of friends, led by Jackson Ong and Beth Benitez, had a small idea that led to a big change. Last Christmas, they suggested that instead of splurging away on an excessive Christmas party with food and alcohol enough to render a dinosaur unconscious, we instead put away half of that money away. In turn, we used those funds to give back to those who may need it more.

Other than sacrificing some food and most of our drinks, poker winnings and bingo cash prizes were also donated, all in the name of charity. And yes, I said “bingo!” We’re OLD!

Despite the realization of old age maturity, the fortunate side of this awakening was that we also realized our ability to bring something positive to the lives of others.

We saw the results of that small idea take effect last week. That small idea we had turned into big smiles on the face of about 40 kids.

Jackson organized an outreach program for the kids in the Asilo De San Vicente De Paul orphanage.

Basic necessities such as milk, sugar, rice, canned goods, snacks, juices, cooking oil, soap, laundry detergent, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels and shampoo were availed and donated to the kids. Moreover, we purchased a party package from Jollibee in order to give the kids some yummy fast food (equivalent to gold for kids) and to play some games with them.

40 kids, 20 friends, 1 overweight bee and an afternoon of fun was what ensued.

The first outreach program for our “1-4-Life” Foundation took place with a room full of happy kids and us – a group of even happier overgrown kids.

1-4-Life is a non-profit foundation that hopes to share the love of life with others who may be hindered from experiencing happiness. It aims to bring selfless individuals together to promote better living and a positive outlook in life.

Saying “I love you” or “1-4-3” is the basic premise of “1-4-Life.” Not only are the members of this organization people who love and live to the fullest, but these members are also individuals who believe that one person can make a difference. A multiplier effect of 4 is what we believe each 1 person can affect. 1 person sharing happiness and making 4 other people smile can  = 1, 4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096, 16384, 65536, 262144….. until the whole world is smiling.

If you want to donate or help build the 1-4-Life Foundation, please visit our Facebook Page – https://Facebook.com/1-4-Life

Oh and do check out the other video from that day with the kids performing a cool dance routine and joined by a cute dancing baby who stated to get his groove on too! – https://www.wheninmanila.com/cute-dancing-baby-at-asilo-orphanage-wait-for-it

Next time, When In Manila, try to spread some smiles by helping out the 1-4-Life Foundation. You can also share some love with the kids of the Asilo De San Vicente De Paul orphanage.


Charity: 1-4-Life Foundation

Founder: Jackson Ong & Friends

Facebook: https://Facebook.com/1-4-Life

Name of Venue: Asilo De San Vicente De Paul orphanage

Address: 1148 United Nation Avenue, Manila Philippines

Children : ages range from 6-17 years old

1148 United Nations Avenue, Ermita
1000 Metro Manila
Tel. No.: 523-3829

Map to Asilo Orphanage

Map to Asilo Orphanage

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“1-4-Life” Outreach Program to Asilo Orphanage in the Philippines