Zumi Travel Adaptors: Charge Up Anywhere in the World

One of the things I always research before leaving Philippines is the power plug type in the country I am headed towards. Even just in Asia, you’ll find that sockets differ from country to country, so it’s best to look it up online before set off on your adventure. You don’t want to be left with gadgets you can’t chargeyour camera, most especially.

As a frequent traveler, I’d say I’m quite prepared for this. I have different types of power adapters at home and I simply pack the one I need. I thought I was so clever for this until I discovered something much, much better. You know what is more advantageous than having a set of adaptors? Having just one that can fit all sockets around the globe.

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Zumi Travel Adaptors

From Asia, to America, to Australia or Europe, Zumi Travel Adaptors are chargers compatible to all the power plugs of these continents. No more collecting of various adaptors; you only need one.

There are two models of the Zumi Travel Adaptor. The ACC304 with the retractable pins, and the ACC404 exchangable pins. Both serve the same purpose, of course, so just choose one depending on your model preference. Below are the features of the chargers.

Zumi Travel Adaptors

First of all, both models come in these sleek black cases for protection. The chargers seem pretty sturdy though, so when I brought mine to my latest travel, I did so sans casing for less bulk. But, again, personal preference.

ACC304 with Retractable Pins

Zumi Travel Adaptors

As the name implies, the pins for the ACC304 are retractable. Use these sliders on the side to choose which pin you need. The one on the photo shows the adaptor set to the Europe-compatible pin.

Zumi Travel Adaptors

Zumi Travel Adaptors

On the front there is a security switch. You need to set it to before you can use the slider on the side to extend the pins. There is also a square button on the side, which you have to press and hold when retracting a pin so it doesn’t accidentally retract on its own.

Zumi Travel AdaptorsMultiple sockets for you to plug your gadgets in.

Zumi Travel Adaptors

Here’s my favorite feature of these adapters. The USB sockets! Almost all gadgets now have USB chords, and this feature makes charging more of your gadgets a ton more convenient. I usually use these USB sockets to charge my powerbank.

ACC404 with Exchangeable Pins

Zumi Travel Adaptors

The ACC404 is slimmer and sleeker than the ACC304 with retractable pins, so personally, this is the one I like to bring. As indicated, its pins are exchangable, so you only have to bring the pin you need for the country you are headed to. Its default is the two-pin plug, which is compatible to countries like the Philippines, Thailand and the US.

It’s super easy to use, too. No buttons or switches. Just get the pin you need and slide it on over the default two-pin plug on the adapter.

Zumi Travel AdaptorsDefault pins

Zumi Travel AdaptorsUK pins

Zumi Travel AdaptorsEurope pins

Zumi Travel AdaptorsAustralia pin

Like the AC304, the AC404 with exchangeable pins also come with USB sockets (which light up when plugged, by the way, and looks absolutely cool).

Zumi Travel AdaptorsCharging my powerbank by my hostel bunk bed in Bangkok, Thailand

Let charging your gadgets be one less thing you have to worry about when you travel. Whether you are an occasional or frequent traveler, getting a universal charger like the Zumi Travel Adapter is a wise purchase you’d surely thank yourself for.

Zumi Travel Adaptors

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