Zoobic Safari Weekend Adventure!

Zoobic Safari!

Ready for the time of your life?

Zoobic Safari 

When in Manila and seeking for a one of a kind wild adventure with your family, then Zoobic Safari  is one place which I highly recommend!

I honestly couldn’t find the right words on how to describe  this experience! All I know is that, me and my friends had one heck of a day! I was the luckiest birthday celebrant that day I’m sure for another dream of mine came true! Eventhough I’m already in my early 30’s (I swear!), I still see to it to always nurture that inner child in me. I don’t really feel old actually!  I’m at the prime of my life and it is my intent to seek pleasurable experiences and share them with you all!

As for my story this week, I’d like to share to you all my wonderful experience at one of the happiest places I know —

ZOOBIC SAFARI at Subic Bay Freeport’s ForestAdventure!

Zoobic Safari– Imagine 25 hectares of astonishing sites, a wide range of exotic animals and a super friendly staff to guide and make sure you have a terrific experience!!!!

I’ve been dying to be there and meet some furry friends for years now!!! This year, this years is my year to fulfill all my dreams I believe and I’m truly enjoying this wonderful ride! It’s truly wonderful to be a kid again!

Ok enough with the talkies and let me now show you our photos from our recent trip!!!

 We were greeted by their super jolly staff headed by Ma’am Betchay Alvarez!

Before our Zoobic Safari adventure began, we were invited to have this wonderful lunch with the staff and Sir Robert Yupangco!

 it was one unforgettable meal!!!! 

And so the fun has begun!! We were just in time for the show!!!!

there was much fun and dancing!!

there was also a musical prepared by the members of the staff with full participation of the animals! They were all wonderful and so cleverly trained! Amazing!

After the musical, the hosts asked for volunteers!

the kids were a bit frightened at first but I’m sure they loved the experience 

 ok.. now this is quite embarrassing! lols! I have this ultimate fear of worms…. what more with snakes??!!!!

After that super fun-filled interactive show, it was then time for us to meet the tigers!!!!

 only Zoobic Safari offers The BEST  tiger close encounter !

 Ohhhhh myyyyyy GGGGAAWDDD!!!


After that thrilling experience, the whole gang decided to tour around the zoo to meet our furry friends!!


Of course…. we never missed the grand Animal Parade!!!

 our Aeta brothers also performed a traditional dance


before heading home, we tried out their Zip Line! OMG!! The best!!!!!!

 of course, every Zoobic Safari experience ain’t complete without a photo of you and their famous tigers!

I remember arriving home exhilarated and at awe. I was blown away by the whole experience! It was another perfect day!! Their Zip Line is definitely the best I’ve experienced so far!! Highly recommended! I really envy the people working there! They seem to be really glad to be there! Ms Betchay was just so wonderful! They are all doing a great great job! I’m so glad to know that such a place exists in my motherland!  I really got no regrets! The Zoobic Safari is indeed a happy happy place and a must visit when in Manila!!!!!

Zoobic Safari

Zoomanity Group

3rd Floor, Yupangco Building, 339 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City

Landline : (632) 895.7142/ 899.9595 Mobile : (63) 917.835.1111


Zoobic Safari Weekend Adventure!

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