ZionWIFI: Turn Your Business’ Free WiFi Into a Full Online Marketing Tool

 The Philippines’ Internet Users grew 531% in the last 5 years (according to TechInAsia), amounting to 37 million internet users. As more and more people get accustomed to internet use, what are businesses these days doing to capitalize on this opportunity? Most businesses offer free WIFI, they give out vouchers (with username and / or password) or a password to connect. However, the underlying question remains, what do you, as a business, get out of it? Value Added Service? Is that all WIFI can do for you?


ZionWIFI: Turn Your Business’ Free WiFi Into a Full Online Marketing Tool

There’s this cool new innovation coming from ZionWIFI, an out-of-the-box solution that allows you to use your free WIFI for Full Online Marketing and Analytics. Businesses can do so much by offering the same free WIFI they provide now, from Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Automated Voucher, Advertising, Real Time Analytics, there’s so many things you can do!


How does Zion WIFI Work?

  1. Users connect to the WIFI signal (SSID)
  2. Accept Terms & Conditions
  3. Login to their Social Media Accounts
  4. ‘Like/Follow’ the Business’ fanpage or account
  5. Get Free WIFI


While for you as a business, you can do so much more. Here are some key features:


Social Media Marketing Tool

You get Likes / Follows from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but aside from that it also features a tool to manage all your social media accounts in one. Centralizing your Feeds, Inbox and status updates, it makes your efforts more centralized and efficient.  Another bonus feature is the message that users post when they come back (after Liking / Following your social media account) which broadcasts it to all their friends in social media, and businesses can schedule and compose the message as they wish.


Email Marketing Tool 

You are able to gather email addresses of your customers, this allows you to compile your own email database to which you can send promotional emails to. Not only that, you also get the automated voucher which allows the system to send vouchers automatically depending on profiles you set based on demographics, visits, and location data. For example, I can set vouchers to be sent to all 18-24 female, who has visited my Manila branch once in the last 2 weeks.



Real Time Analytics

Understand your customers better, by giving you reports on demographics, visits and individual customer’s data (their social media accounts etc.), you’re not left blinded and wondering who your customers really are. This allows you to justify business decisions more clearly and more effectively.


There’s so many more that Zion WIFI can do, to find out more, please visit https://zionwifi.com/hello/ and they can send a brochure and a Return of Investment calculator to show you exactly how it will improve sales by harnessing the power of Social.



ZionWIFI: Turn Your Business’ Free WiFi Into a Full Online Marketing Tool

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