Ziba Wellness Center: A Nail Spa, Gym, Dentist and Food All in One Place

Everybody will agree with me when I say this: you could get a lot more things done if you didn’t have to deal with traffic. Well, I found a solution to that… kind of. I give you: a wellness center along Pasig that comes with a nail spa, a gym, a dental clinic, and even a café— all in one place! The name? Ziba Wellness Center.

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Ziba Wellness Center was established by Dra. Sheila and her business partners. They chose the name Ziba, which means beautiful in Persian, to reflect their goal of improving the well-being of their guests. Although Ziba Wellness Center has been in the business for only a year, they’ve already won a prestigious award from the Philippine Social Media Awards as a Star Brand, One-stop Wellness Shop for the year 2018.

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Their trophy proudly greets you at the entrance along with a charming receptionist.

Don’t let the concrete exterior of the building fool you. Once you enter Ziba Wellness Center, you’re in for a surprise. After going past their dental clinic, you will see that the interior is made to look like a café in Europe with stone floors and a combination of marble-top and dark tables, all of which are surrounded with black metal-wrought chairs.

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A large tree stands proudly in the middle, overlooking a yellow storefront with a brightly-colored roof: their nail spa.

Despite their rustic charm, Ziba adds modern elements, like a large TV right in front of their seating area; a fast, free Wi-Fi connection; and strategically-located sockets for students who drop by to study, or anyone waiting for their appointment.

Ziba Wellness Center blends responsibility with relaxation through their wide range of services. Their dental clinic is on-call for your annual cleaning, while the gym is your chance to work out. On the other hand, the nail spa is perfect for some much-needed pampering and beautifying. The in-between? Their café, which is a great place to chill post-workout, when you’re waiting your turn, or are just plain hungry.

During our visit, we got to check out their amenities:

Ziba Dental

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The Ziba Dental Clinic is their busiest service by far with a constant line of waiting customers.

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They have a team of three dedicated dentists on-call who offer oral prophylaxis (or cleaning, basically), tooth fillings for those pesky cavities, tooth extraction, and oral surgery, just to name a few. Their team can also provide orthodontist treatments such as braces to give you that perfect smile.

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And the best part? These high quality services all come at affordable prices!

Just make sure to book your appointment early to guarantee you a spot!

Ziba Wellness

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By the very name itself, Ziba Wellness Center offers a gym/wellness center. Here, you can work on your stamina and endurance, tone your body, and even have fun with their zumba and yoga classes.

Ziba’s rates are very affordable. One of their ongoing promos lowers the price of their membership fee to only P500 a year. So, if you avail of their annual membership, you will only need to pay P50 a day for unlimited use of their facilities. What a great deal!

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If you’re the type who doesn’t want to commit right away, you can also avail of their normal session with all-day access to their facilities a modest rate of P300. And for just P350 a session, their duo of hands-on, dedicated trainers can craft a program that will get you closer to your body goals—from getting rid of that stubborn holiday pudge to toning your arms for your upcoming summer bod.

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At only P800 per month, you can also get unlimited use of the gym with the trainer included in the package! Ziba’s Wellness Center is open from 7AM to 10PM, so you can go there anytime – even after work! Their promo rates are only available until the end of February 2019, though, so you’d better get these great deals now!

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