Yummy Diet PH: Diet Food You’d Actually Crave For

Prior to Yummy Diet PH, I had never tried any diet food or diet program for the sole reason that I associated those things with hospital food – you know, tasteless and dull. I was like, “how can you lose weight or keep a healthy diet if you have yummy food and all that?” Well, guess what? Yummy Diet PH proved me wrong! Here are 5 reasons why my experience with Yummy Diet PH made me satisfied with their service and packed meals:

5. Their packages are complete.

Yummy Diet PH

My package was the 1500cal Low Calorie subscription package since I wasn’t exactly trying to lose weight; I just wanted to eat properly.

Aside from your packed breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner, Yummy Diet PH will also provide you with their recommended tea and coffee along with the instructions on when to take them. Don’t forget about the metal utensils! Yes, they’ll also be providing you with metal utensils at the start of every week to prevent the irritating instances of the disposable ones breaking while you’re enjoying your meal.

Yummy Diet PH provides three subscription packages:

  • Low Calorie: this package does not have any food group restrictions. It balances your intake of all food groups so that you’d still get to enjoy everything while keeping your calorie count at a healthy level and it will let you safely lose 2 lbs in 5 days.* Available in 1,200 calories, 1,500 calories, and 1,800 calories.
  • Low Carb: this one’s for those who are slowly getting rid of carbs in their daily diet. As the name suggests, this package restricts bread, pasta, and rice, and it safely reduce 3 lbs in just 5 days.*
  • Goldpress Juicing Co.: This provides you with fresh vegetable and fruit juices and no edible food. This is the fastest way to lose weight as it safely reduces 4 lbs in just 3 days.*

*May vary, and will only be effective if the diet plan is strictly followed.

4. The rich flavors made me forget it was diet food.

Yummy Diet PH

As their name goes, their food is really yummy. It completely washed away my notion that diet food equates to flavorless dishes because every single one of their packed meals are oozing with great tastes. Here’s another cool thing: steaks and fillets are part of the menu! And bacon. Yes. Bacon is part of the menu. How’s that for cool diet food?

The Low Calorie Package allowed me to enjoy my favorites while keeping my intake at a healthy level. I definitely did not feel deprived of the food I love eating. Now that my program is done, I’m actually craving for some of the meals. One of it is the Sausage Egg Muffin on the upper left photo. Yum!

3. No rice? No problem! The meals were fulfilling.

Yummy Diet PH

On my first day, I dreaded my decision to try out a diet program. I mean, I commute for nearly 2 hours (one way) a day and I consume a lot of brain power throughout my hours in the office so I thought, oh no, I will always be hungry! Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. It’s surprising because it looks like there’s not much to eat per meal, but each meal left me fulfilled and satisfied until it was time for the next one. Since everything tastes good, too, it really won’t make you crave for the usual salty or sweet cravings.

2. It’s convenient for the busy individuals.

Yummy Diet PH

Yummy Diet PH gives you the option to have your food delivered in the morning (for the day) or in the afternoon (for the following day). If you’re like me who’s always on-the-go and wants to avoid traffic and whatnot, this is very convenient because the daily meals will be delivered to your specified address everyday. I had mine delivered to the office, so even if I always rushed in the morning, I was assured that I had hearty and healthy meals waiting for me when I get to work. They also have the widest delivery coverage, so how cool is that?

1. The people behind it are very accommodating.

Yummy Diet PH

Aside from the lovely meals they provide, the people behind Yummy Diet PH are also very accommodating to their clients. They’re easy to talk to and coordinate with. Plus, they make sure to keep you updated if something happens along the way. In my case, there was an unforeseeable minor incident with the rider, so they opted not to push through with one day’s delivery. They were fast in informing me about it, though. Plus, they also give clients the option to carry out the delivery later that day or carry it over to the next week. The initiative came from them so I felt like they were providing service with a heart.

What’s your diet program experience? Did any of the meals end up becoming your favorite? Tell us about it!

Yummy Diet PH

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