5 Yummy Basque Burnt Cheesecake Flavors You Need to Try

Love Basque burnt cheesecake? If you love this type of cheesecake – the type that is burnt, cracked, and cooked at high heat; and utterly addicting and delicious with every bite – then I don’t blame you. I love it, too. As yummy as the original flavor may be, though, you might want to let your tastebuds branch out and taste other flavors of it every now and then. In this article, I’ve compiled 5 online stores that provide different flavors of Basque burnt cheesecake that you absolutely need to try.

The “Original”

Kitchen Love Story (@kitchenlovestoryph)


Photo from @escapewithalyzza courtesy of Kitchen Love Story

(5-inch: Php450 / 8-inch: Php850)

If you’re not ready to branch out to different flavors just yet or simply want to taste what Basque burnt cheesecake tastes like in its “original” form, check out Kitchen Love Story’s creamy, cheesy version.

A nurse by profession, a professional makeup artist on the side, and a stay at home mom; Kathy Baylon had to resign from work at the hospital in order to take care of her baby and reduce the chances of exposing her family to COVID-19. Her original plan was to focus on makeup artistry; but all of her gigs were canceled because of COVID-19. She therefore had to think of something else to do. Enter the world of baking. Although Kathy hasn’t had any formal schooling, she learned how to make her own version of the Basque burnt cheesecake through YouTube – and it turned out amazing.

Kathy admits that she started selling her cheesecake before even tasting it or knowing the original taste of Basque (to the dismay of her husband), but she immediately got more than 25 pre-orders for the weekend. This just goes to show that confidence can really go a long way. And trust me when I say that this version is as good as it gets. Each cheesecake is made with premium ingredients, and is baked with love and passion. And have I mentioned that it tastes really good, too?

Cinnamon Oat Crumble

Dust of Sweetness (@dustofsweetness)


Photo from Dust of Sweetness


If you are looking for a bit of a twist to the regular Basque burnt cheesecake, check out Dust of Sweetness’ version. True to the brand’s name, this version takes on the culinary term of dusting by giving you the option to take things to the next level and sprinkle a fine layer of cinnamon oat crumble on the dessert. The crumble will add a crunch to every bite of the cheesecake and perfectly balance out its richness and creaminess.

Renzyl Anne Tan’s love for desserts and pastries led her to create Dust of Sweetness. A culinary graduate with experience working in different kitchens, Renzyl’s family had always encouraged her to start selling online. Although hesitant to do so before, staying at home during quarantine pushed her to create desserts and share them with people who wanted to satisfy their cravings for sweets. “Amidst the problems that we are facing during the pandemic, I believe I can still share some sweetness that can give joy to people through my creations,” she shares.

Dust of Sweetness offers desserts made of high quality ingredients that were inspired by chefs that Renzyl has worked with in the past. They also offer delicious Mango Bisque that is freshly baked everyday, which you also need to try!. They also plan to add more desserts and pastries to their menu soon that will ultimately dust your life with some sweetness.

Matcha Choco

Eats & Treats by Lilet (@eatsandtreatsbylilet)


Photo from Eats & Treats by Lilet

Classic – 5-inch: Php300 / 7-inch: Php650

Ube – 5-inch: Php350 / 7-inch: Php700

Classic with Almond Glaze – 5-inch: Php420 / 7-inch: Php800

Triple Layer Burnt (Matcha Choco) – 5-inch: Php400 / 7-inch: Php750)

Eats & Treats by Lilet offers many different flavors from the classic Basque burnt cheesecake (which you can get with an almond glaze) to ube to the star of the show: the matcha choco! If you love matcha and you love chocolate, you definitely cannot go wrong with this one! Three layers of deliciousness await your tastebuds, and they are sure to thank you for it.

Lilet Aboy started baking last March during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Although quarantine has given birth to a lot of home bakers, Lilet actually already had knowledge in the field because her sister used to own a bakeshop. Out of boredom and cravings, she started baking with her nephews. When her sister shared the recipe of the Basque burnt cheesecake with her, Lilet made it for her family and friends; and the positive feedback gave her the confidence to sell it online. I am so glad she decided to take that leap!

Eats & Treats by Lilet bakes their cheesecakes fresh on the day of the delivery, and they only use premium ingredients baked with love to ensure the best taste and quality. They also offer other homemade food aside from baked goodies, so make sure to check them out on social media!


The Cheesy Baker (@thecheesybakerph)

Photo from The Cheesy Baker

The OG (Php800)

Ube (Php900)

Oreo (Php900)

Calling all Oreo lovers! If you’re a lover of Oreo like me, The Cheesy Baker’s Oreo Basque burnt cheesecake is the one for you. With a generous layer of Oreos making up the base, you might think that this cheesecake is too sweet. It isn’t. It’s just right. Plus, it’s custardy and just downright delicious!

Samantha Lu has always enjoyed baking since she was little and she usually bakes during her free time. What she usually does is get a recipe on the Internet and tweak it to her liking and improve on it.The Cheesy Baker started a month ago when Samantha’s family and friends tried her homemade Basque burnt cheesecake and told her to try selling it. The signature Basque burnt cheesecake aside, The Cheesy Baker also offers ube (made with real ube halaya!) and Oreo versions. Samantha shares that she chose these flavors because they are her all-time favorites and they go really well with cheesecake.


In My Kitchen (@inmykitchen__)


Photo from In My Kitchen

Am I biased? Maybe a little. I live for coffee. And I love the taste of it. Diving into the coffee Basque burnt cheesecake of In My Kitchen was practically like diving into heaven. Funnily enough, it tastes even better when paired with actual coffee. Yes, coffee on coffee. Try it! After all, coffee is a good idea any time of the day! (Am I right or am I right?)

Mariella Lim started cooking when she was 12 and it has always been her passion. In fact, she loved it so much, she would cook for her friends and offer party trays and cupcakes. That’s when she created In My Kitchen. The Basque burnt cheesecake didn’t become a part of her arsenal until June 2020, though – which I personally find hard to believe because it is absolute perfection in my opinion. After seeing a friend’s post about it and craving for it for weeks, she decided to make one – and boy, was it worth the wait! I’m not the only one in love with it, either. In just four weekends, Mariella had already sold 60 cakes!

“They say happiness is relative,” Mariella says. “Especially during these uncertain times, everyone is looking for unique and stable sources of happiness and contentment. For now, I found both in making these cakes and other things in my kitchen, happy to fill other homes with good vibes from good food!” Let her fill your home with both by ordering today.

Have you tried any other interesting Basque burnt cheesecake flavors that I should check out? Share them with me! 🙂

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