Sibling Duo Ysanygo Releases Soulful New Single ‘Horizon’

The genre-fluid sibling duo Ysanygo, comprised of Ysa and Ygo Ferraz, has just released their new song ‘Horizon.’

Known for their versatile musicality and creative resonance, the pair continues to redefine the music landscape with their genre-fluid sounds. ‘Horizon’ adds a fresh dimension to their expanding repertoire with its chill R&B-Soul vibe.

Ysanygo duo

Photo: Underdog Music Philippines

Ysanygo has gained prominence since their 2017 debut with ‘Imprinted’, produced on a humble iPad 2. The duo found their rhythm and artistic satisfaction through a songwriting competition and have since then been on a journey of harmonious creation.

Their latest single, ‘Horizon’, is a product of the duo’s creative rebirth. During a phase of artistic slump and uncertainty in their music career, a spark ignited when Ysa sang the words “eyes on the horizon”.

This resonated deeply with Ygo, sparking the beginning of their new song. ‘Horizon’ is an introspective piece that addresses the concept of self-reliance and the struggle against societal forces while striving towards larger life goals.

After performing the song at gigs around Metro Manila in the preceding months, Ysanygo has finally released ‘Horizon’ in collaboration with their new label, Underdog Music.


Photo: Underdog Music Philippines

The release has been met with overwhelming positivity, receiving not only a groundswell of support from fans and colleagues but also recognition from Spotify, which featured ‘Horizon’ on the New Music Friday Philippines playlist.

Ysanygo is a beloved presence on the gig scene, renowned for their dynamic performances, distinctive outfits, unique sound set-up, and energetic audience interaction.

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