Your Travel Flip-Flops: Where Will Your Feet Take You This Summer?

We can already feel the summer heat! And summer, for most of us, means going on trips with family and friends, catching up with them, and chilling at the beach or going on a trek.

Wherever you’re going this summer, there are things that are considered as “must-haves” like your sunscreen, shades, mobile gadgets, and flip-flops. Get the ready before you embark on exciting adventures! And when it comes to taking your first step (and the succeeding steps thereafter) of your trip, your flip-flops are your best buds!

Havaianas (2)

For the past decade, the brand synonymous to summer has been mounting one of the most anticipated shopping events of the season. Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) gets bigger and better every year, with themes ranging from travel to imagination to Brazil to Hawaii.

This year, let your flip-flops take you to land of the rising sun, sumo, and sushi.

Havaianas (3)

This throwback pays homage to the first pair of Havaianas inspired by the Japanese zori(slippers with fabric straps and rice straw soles). To this day, every pair of Havaianas features a rice pattern on the sole.

From April 22-24, Havaianaticos will get to mix & match the #MYOH2016 selection of soles, straps, and Japanese-themed pins. Kicking off a new decade in the history of the event, the flip-flops customization fair promises exciting firsts and treats for its customers:

5. Julia Barretto assembling your Havaianas

What’s more special than a customized pair of the world’s most awesome flip-flops? Your favorite celebrity making them for you, in front of you.

Having celebrity assemblers at the event has long been an MYOH tradition and highlight. This year’s line-up includes:

  • Julia Barretto
  • Bailey May
  • Ylona Garcia
  • Kiefer Ravena
  • Laura Lehmann
  • Von Pessumal
  • Mika Reyes
  • Jeron Teng

Follow Havaianas Philippines and tune in to #MYOH2016 to find out the celebrity assemblers’ schedules.

4. The Shibori commemorative pair

True to the Japanese fusion of old and new, shibori is the oldest known indigo-dyeing technique in Japan and the color is insanely trendy this season.

Get this very special pair to commemorate your #MYOH2016 experience.

Havaianas (1)

3. These adorable Japanese-themed pins

Make those Havaianas your absolute own with a unique combination of these too cute pins.

Mix traditional Japanese symbols like the sakura and fan, with modern-day beer, ramen, and robots. Or why not have the iconic sumo, empress, and ninja pins all in one pair for the ultimate Japanese soiree?

We have to say though, a zori pin on the commemorative pair, is a combo that makes for an instant collectible.

EmpressKonnichiwa Ramen Zori

2. All-day shopping (woohoo!) with #MYOH2016 being held atthe SM Mega Fashion Hall for the first time

The shopping mecca is home to this year’s biggest flip-flops customization event. This means shopping before, during, and after MYOH!

If you’re setting aside one day (and your budget) to get all your summer fashion essentials in one go, mark the #MYOH2016 weekend in your calendar right now.

#MYOH2016 is also happening at these venues from April 22-24:


1. The quirk and Zen of Japan, brought right to you.

Traveling to Japan is on many Pinoy adventurer’s bucket list. If you can’t make that trip this summer, #MYOH2016 may just be the next best thing as Havaianas brings the cultural elements and zany modernity of Japan to the larger-than-life MYOH set-up smack in the middle of our metro.

There will be an Instagram station that can print actual photos and some cool discounts and treats! Mata ne (see you)!

For more details on #MYOH2016, follow @havaianasphils on Instagram and visit the Havaianas Philippines Facebook page. Start customizing at

How about you? Where else will your feet take you this summer?