Your Place or Mine Movie Review: Love Meets Fate

From the series of blockbuster hits including “Diary ng Panget” and “Talk Back and You’re Dead” comes another Wattpad novel to invade the Philippine cinema. Your Place or Mine? will surely make you believe in love again after all the heartbreaks. Starring Andi Eigenmann, Bret Jackson, and Andre Paras, directed by award-winning Joel Lamangan.

Your Place or Mine 5

We got the opportunity to meet the stars and also watch the movie in SM Megamall last April 28 for the premiere night. The cinema was filled with hundreds of fans rooting for their idols and who were all excited for the movie to start. But before that, gift certificates were raffled away from Slimmers World, given to lucky movie-goers.

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Based on a best-selling novel written by Turning_Japanese, it’s about Haley Saavedra (Andi Eigenmann), a 19-year-old BS Psychology student, who’s been going through an emotional roller coaster ride facing left and right heartbreaks from her cheating ex and controlling mother. Trying to forget her heartaches, she then drowns herself in alcohol at a bar and finds herself sleeping with a complete stranger, Clay Russell Sandoval (Bret Jackson), in his condo unit.

A day after the one-night stand, they meet again at their school, although both of them didn’t know the other studied there as well. Followed by more unexpected meet-ups, they soon realize that it’s destiny bringing them together as each meeting leaves them wanting more. But Haley’s mom arranges a fixed marriage for Haley without her knowledge to pay her father’s debt. And though against the idea, Haley agrees due to a promise she made on her father’s death bed. Surprisingly (and by some stroke of fate), she soon finds out that the fiance she’s about to meet is Russell.

Your Place or Mine 2

As the story goes, secrets will be revealed and trust will be tested as Haley finds out too much of Russell’s history. Interesting twists begin to unveil that will either strengthen or break them.

Seth (Andre Paras), Haley’s forgotten childhood friend, befriends her again when they become schoolmates. Haley pours out all her sentiments and the struggles between her relationship with Russell to Seth, not knowing about Seth’s secret love for her.

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Will Haley walk down the aisle with her one-night stand or will Seth finally have a chance with Haley? What secrets will go unhidden?

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A mix of romance, drama, light humor, and everything in-between, the chemistry between Andi and Bret was strong and everybody felt every intense (love) scene in the movie, that some were even screaming.

Donnalyn Bartolome’s role as Jessica, Haley’s best friend, provided comical relief to the movie. Same goes for Seth’s hilarious lines whenever he tries to comfort Haley.

Though I do hope that the plot was clearer, and though I wasn’t much convinced of the cast’s acting in some parts of the movie especially from Andre Paras, it was an enjoyable movie nonetheless. Be wary, though, Your Place or Mine is rated R-13 by the MTRCB. Watch the full official trailer here:


Your Place or Mine is now showing in cinemas nationwide