Here’s Your Horoscope for the Week of December 16

Weekly Horoscope

Aries (March 20 to April 19)

You’re going to feel that the hard work you’ve been exerting lately is finally paying off and this will motivate you to push further towards your goals. Remember though that you should only be driven by passion and deep love over what you’re doing, not fame or money or recognition. In the difficult situations that you will face in the near future, always handle them with grace and level-headedness. Be calm when those around you are not and always have compassion—to yourself and to other people.

Taurus (April 19 – May 20) 

Don’t exhaust yourself with juggling so many things on your to-do list. The truth is that not everything is worth your time and effort; some responsibilities you might think are important may not actually be so when you realize that it has no benefit to you at all. Practice patience and moderation in your day-to-day activities as well. There’s no time for you to be involved in drama and conflict.

Gemini (May 20 – June 21)

You might be experiencing a string of bad luck lately and it’s discouraging you from accepting new responsibilities or taking the next step towards your goals. What’s worse is that there’s brewing discord among the people surrounding you. Everyone wants their opinion to be heard and no one’s really listening. Yup, it’s gonna be a rough week…but don’t lose heart! Life is full of ups and downs and you’re just experiencing one of the down moments. Things will start looking up soon, don’t worry.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Drastic changes are coming and you need to prepare for them to avoid making careless mistakes. Practice patience and control your impulsive behavior. Life isn’t a race and you don’t have to hurry all the time. In fact, use this period to take a much-needed break from the hustle and grind. Reflect on where you are and where you’re headed and carefully plan your next steps. You’ll get to where you need to be eventually.

Leo (July 22 – August 23)

This week, you’ll be more inspired to create as you’re filled with the fiery ambition to chase your dream. Be in touch with your inner voice and listen to what it tells you. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and express them freely and creatively. Open yourself up to new experiences too! The world is full of possibilities. Grab them!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Focus on controlling your finances this week now that the holidays are fast approaching. Be smarter with where you’re investing your time and resources. Reevaluate what’s working and what isn’t. You can even ask someone to help you manage your budget! Learn to master your impulses better.

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