Your Help Needed: Daughter Starts Fundraising to Save Her Father’s Life

The bond between a father and a daughter is something beyond special. He is her first love. Her first hero. Her protector. Her Papa. But what happens when that strong, tough man becomes weak, can no longer walk or speak, can no longer provide for his family? For some, that may sound like a story plot from a soap opera, but for someone like Joanna, that’s her life now.

Here’s a touching story of a daughter on her battle to save her father’s life.

My name is Joanna William. My father, John, was diagnosed with pneumonia last June. We didn’t have any money to have him treated, so his health slowly deteriorated since. By September, he can no longer walk and speak. He frequently complains of pain and quickly lost a lot of weight down to flesh and bones.

A few days ago, November 7, 2016, around 5pm, we finally got the chance to consult a doctor. The doctor said my father needed to be confined immediately, if not, his condition will worsen and may even lead to his death. We rushed him to a public hospital (Ospital Ning Angeles) that same day at around 8pm. There were no vacant rooms. Everyone is busy. No one seem to care. We were distraught beyond words. We went home, tired, hungry, and without a single ray of hope that my father will get better. He cried not because of pain, but because he doesn’t want to be a burden to us.

He needs to be confined to a hospital, he needs insulin treatment twice a day, he needs to eat healthy, he needs to learn how to speak and walk again. He needs help.

We are asking for your help. We need prayers to help us withstand this trial. We need monetary assistance to pay for his hospital bills, medicines, and treatment.

We are trying to raise money to cover all my father’s medical expenses. Any amount will make a difference.

To send your donations, Joanne launched a Generosity fundraising for her father. Click here to donate. You can donate by signing up and paying through credit card, or you can send her a message via Facebook for other means of monetary help (e.g. Globe G Cash, Smart Padala, bank deposit).

If you can’t help through monetary assistance, you can simply share her post. Small acts of kindness can make a difference.


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