Your Childhood Pinoy Favorites, Done Differently at SM

The food you grew up with stays with you forever. You may not be able to enjoy them frequently because – who has the time to cook and scout for real ube or tabon-tabon in the city –   but you remember how they taste with nostalgia and longing.

Now,  in celebration of  Philippine Independence Month, SM Supermalls is highlighting all these  gastronomic Pinoy specialties from your childhood , from all over the Philippines ─ many of them done with a delicious  twist!

Here are some of the awesome Filipino food choices you can enjoy at SM for dine-in, takeout, or delivery:

Sinuglaw at Bigby’s, SM CDO Downtown Premier. Start off the food trip with the famous appetizer, Sinuglaw,  a refreshing starter  composed of grilled pork belly, tuna ceviche, along with chili peppers and onion. At Bigby’s at SM, the tabon-tabon ingredient is what makes this Sinuglaw stand out. Not to mention that food presentation! Get your camera phones ready!

Ube Sinigang at Abe, SM Megamall. Abe’s ube sinigang is a must-try! Instead of the usual taro, they use ube, which gives the soup its purple hue and that familiar ube texture. It’s also slightly creamy, which balance  singang’s usual sour taste.

Napoleones at Merzci/Bong Bongs, SM City Bacolod. Sweet treats often bring back fond memories. To satisfy your sweet tooth, why not try a layered puff pastry filled with custard and topped with a white sugar glaze? Yum!

Bacon-Wrapped Bagaybay at Bistro Selera, SM Lanang Premier. Made from fresh bagaybay (tuna milt or male gonads of tuna fish), this dish is wrapped with premium bacon and deep fried to perfection, topped off with garlic and bursting with flavor.  After all, bacon does make everything better!

Beef Short Rib Sinigang at Manam’s, SM Mall of Asia, South Main Mall. Calling all Sinigang lovers! Have you tried Manam’s Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon? Manam puts a twist on all their Filipino dishes and this beloved soup is no exception. The sweet watermelon blends well with the sour broth ─ a new taste combo that every Filipino will love and keep coming back for. This comforting soup is also perfect for the rainy season!

Ube Quezo de Bola Cheesecake at Lola Café, LOLA CAFÉ, – S Maison. Ube is truly having a moment. At Lola Café at S Maison, ube, along with quezo de bola, is featured in a delectable cheesecake on a crumbly, flavorful Graham crust. With its well-defined flavors and sweet taste, this is dessert will have you craving for more.

Strawberry Shortcake at Vizco’s Cake Shop, SM City Baguio.  This mouthwatering dessert brings back precious childhood memories of vacations in the City of Pines!  It makes you want to hop on a bus, brave the zigzag road and indulge in the famous Strawberry Shortcake at Vizco’s —  fresh berries blending with milky cream and delicious, soft sponge cake!  Take me back to Baguio, please!

 Raisin Bread at Baguio Country Club, SM City Baguio. After eating the strawberry shortcake, make a stop at the Baguio Country Club, which is known for its freshly baked loaves of banana and raisin bread. This may also silence all those family and friends asking for pasalubong! If you’re feeling generous, why not buy a loaf or two for the frontliners in your area, too? Go ahead and show them your appreciation this Independence Day.

Sisig at Ikabud, SM City Pampanga, Ground Level. Here’s some trivia for you: The Kapampangan word, “sisig,” means to snack on something sour, normally an unripe fruit in vinegar dressing. Sisig is perhaps the most famous Kapampangan dish in the Philippines and it’s also gaining a lot of attention worldwide. And there’s no better place to try this dish than in Pampanga itself!

Classic Mango Ice Cream at Lion Creamery, SM City Molino. There are only so many ways you can eat mango, right? Wrong! Try Lion Creamery’s Classic Mango dessert and ice cream, which is made using top quality mango  and locally sourced ingredients. Aside from mango, you can also order it with leche flan or Oreo.

Halo-Halo at Lana’s, SM City Legazpi. A visit to SM City Legazpi is never complete without this bestselling dessert. Treat your taste buds to Lana’s Sweet Delights original cheesy halo-halo. Afterward, you can finally say that you had the bestest, sweetest halo-halo in town!

Pochero at Paolito’s, SM Seaside City Cebu and SM City Cebu. As another great dish for the rainy season, Cebu-style bulalo, or Visayan pochero, is a light and fragrant beef stew with corn and bok choy. Locals and visitors alike have come to love Paolito’s tasty and mouthwatering take on pochero.

Lechon at Zubuchon, SM Seaside City Cebu and SM City Cebu. Zubuchon, which started in Cebu, is hailed as the home of the “best pig”  by the late world-famous chef Anthony Bourdain.  Known for its crispy goodness and all-natural flavor.  Don’t miss out on this and its other lechon-based menu items, like lechon sisig.

So there, we trust that this  nostalgic food trip has rekindled your love for your hometown and its specialties, your family back in the province and  your being Pinoy. It’s truly a fitting way to celebrate being Filipino on Philippine Independence Day!

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