Young Filipina Scientist Who Invented Mechanical Bug Remover for Farmers was Granted Funds To Pursue Her Project

A young Filipina Entomologist from University of the Philippines Los Baños was granted a $5000 seed fund from the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) to pursue her marvelous agriculture project called Mechanical Postharvest Pest Removal System (MPReS).

As seen on the GFAR website, I am proud to say that she is one of our contributors, Josine of “Jax” Macaspac. 

As an entomologist herself, she understands the need for an effective solution to pest management in the Philippines. Truthfully, these insects cause billions of pesos every year in damages and loss of produce.

Josine Macaspac

Read her article here: From IDLE to IDEAL: Making Agriculture More Relevant and Accessible for All.

With that in mind, she came up with a brilliant idea by proposing a simple and affordable solution that can help farmers not only from the Philippines but from around the world. She named it: Mechanical Postharvest Pest Removal System (MPReS).

Her invention can help farmers reduce the damage, as well as, remove all those pesky bugs, leaving behind clean and pure produce.

As luck would have it, her proposal was recognized and she was named as one of the finalists of the Young Agripreneur Program (YAP).

Josine Macaspac GFAR

Screenshot from the announcement seen on

YAP is a project helping young agricultural entrepreneurs like Jax. It is a platform where young agripreneurs globally come up with their brilliant ideas and turn it into a solid proposal.

Josine is a 27-year-old, Agriculture graduate from the University of the Philippines, Los Baños who majored in Entomology.

Congratulations, Jax and good luck on your project. 

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