You’ll Fall in Love with this Santorini-Inspired Villa in Pangasinan

Planning to go on a trip soon? Don’t be so quick to dismiss Pangasinan. Sandwiched between its more popular neighbors like La Union, Zambales, and Benguet, Pangasinan is quite easily overlooked. But I have a secret to tell youthere are hidden wonders here.

From marvelous waterfalls, virgin beaches, stunning secret surf spots, and not to mention the province’s crown jewel, the Hundred Islands, Pangasinan clearly is a destination that deserves more credit than it gets. And have you seen the sunset here? It’s quite the beauty.

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But here’s my new favorite thing about Pangasinan: This blissfully beautiful villa tucked away at the edge of Bolinao, right next to the sea. Take a look. This is Sundowners Vacation Villas, and it is the stuff of dreams.

The dreamy architecture

Sundowners Vacation Villas is a Santorini-inspired resort comprised of beautifully designed villas in Bolinao, Pangasinan. There are a number of villas in the property for different guest capacities, each equipped with its own Grecian charm.

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @sundownersvacationvillas

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @altaniameen

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @sundownersvacationvillas

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @altaniameen

The infinity pools

Yes. Not just one, but a couple of infinity pools scattered about the compound. There is a public one at the heart of the property, right next to the resort’s own al fresco restaurant and bar, but a few of the villas have their own private ones. And, adrenaline junkies would be happy to know these pools are dive-friendly, too.

The infinity pool at the Master Villa has got quite the view. Just take a look at that. Whew.

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @altaniameen

DSC01110(1)Photo @altaniameen

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @sundownersvacationvillas

The view

Can we talk about the view for a bit? The Master Villa where my friends and I stayed sits atop a cliff, the highest (and might I add the best) part of Sundowners Vacation Villas’ property. The balcony gives a pretty incredible view of the sea, where during the day you can watch boats passing by to and fro, and even say hi to the people on board.

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @sundownersvacationvillas

Mountains and a lush field of trees can also be seen on the horizon. And we’ve been told that, on clearer evenings, if you’re lucky, you can even see the night lights of Baguio glimmering in the distance.

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @sundownersvacationvillas

The adventure

There is an abundance of waterfalls and beaches to discover around Pangasinan, and in Bolinao alone there is Patar beach which is pretty awesome, too. The beach just a short drive from Sundowners Vacation Villas, and you can even stop by the historical landmark Cape Bolinao Lighthouse along the way.

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPhoto @altaniameen

Come for these side trips, come for the sheer fun of road trips with best friends, or just come for the temporary escape from the city. Either way, just come, and let the sundrenched mornings at Sundowners Vacation Villas whisk you away into the dreamy vacation you’ve been pining for.

Need a little more convincing? Take a peek at our Bolinao adventure here:

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