“You guys are crazy,” Why Don’t We Vocalist Says to Filipino Fans

Words by Fudge Santos
Photos by Verna Sevilla

On November 18, before the concert even started, Why Don’t We fans, called Limelights, were already in fangirl/fanboy mode, screaming excitedly at the prospect of finally seeing the band.

And who could blame them? I mean, the American boy band is finally returning to the Philippines (after their 2018’s The Invitation Tour) and now they were almost at the end of their 8 Letters Tour. I think we were all just lucky enough that they chose to grace our country with their presence.

Why Don’t We Opening the Night with “Trust Fund”

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And oh boy, we were not wrong. Lucky can’t even begin to describe what I felt during the concert. They started with booming graphics, introducing each member on screen with flashing lights and bursts of CGI.

They were off to a powerful opening, beginning their line up with the song “Trust Fund,” that had killer choreography, amazingly lit lights (if you know what I mean), as well as denim and black outfits.

And can I talk about Daniel Seavey’s biceps? He was totally showing them off in that black sleeveless top. As if we needed any more reason to love him. I personally, was shooketh and so were everyone in New Frontier Theater because the screaming intensified.

(From left to right) Why Don’t We’s Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson, and Jack Avery

And imagine that was ONLY the beginning. The room absolutely went nuts when the band members walked to the edge of the stage, serenading the fans nearest to them. Especially when they started reaching their hands out towards people. (Some fans actually got to touch them, huhu.)

They continued their line up, singing their classics “M.I.A.,” “Choose,” “Hard,” “Friends,” “Nobody Gotta Know,” “I Depend on You,” and “We Got Something Different.” Everyone was singing along with them, from the bleachers above to the standing room nearest to the stage.

As the night progressed, the band drew us into their harmonies with every song and they even performed a live mash-up that got us up on our feet and dancing. The night was beautiful—from Corbyn Besson’s insane body rolls, Jack Avery’s solos, Zach Herron grabbing the camera of the stage so the Limelights can see his face on screen, Daniel Seavey’s air-kisses, to Jonah Marais’s perfect rapping.

The American Boy band definitely charmed us with their dance moves

But what I loved the most is how the boys would check on everyone after every few songs. They would use a bit of time to chat, and there was even a time they happily air-fived a boyfriend of a fan, for bringing his girl to the concert. Jonah even shared about their experience in the country’s airport.

He said that the band arrived in the Philippines really late at night, and they weren’t expecting anyone to greet them. But they were shocked when they saw a lot of Filipino Limelights waiting for them. The whole band was amazed at the dedication of their fans in the country, and they were beyond grateful.

“You guys,” Jonah said, smiling from ear to ear, “are crazy.” They also confessed that they now love Filipino food, and Jack even started saying “mahal namin kayo!” in a cute American accent.

They continued singing songs like “Taking You,” “These Girls,” “Hooked,” “Talk,” and “8 Letters.” At some point in between, Jonah unexpectedly grabs a phone of a lucky fan and started taking a video selfie with it, before giving it back. Everyone was totally jealous.

They closed the night with a look-back video of them during their first concerts when they were all just starting out as a band. Corbyn brought us into an emotional rollercoaster when he started saying that the band didn’t believe they would actually make it this far, and it was all possible because the fans believed in them.

Why Don’t We almost ending their song line-up

“I want to say that dreams do come true,” Corbyn said, emotions welling up in his voice, encouraging everyone in the room to not be afraid to reach for their dreams.

They started singing “What Am I” while Daniel played the cello, and Jonah played the piano. It was a touching performance, and we were all moved, completely immersed in the music, our hands raised up high.

They ended the concert, telling us they were so grateful to have us as fans, while blowing us air-kisses as they said goodbye. Thank you, Why Don’t We. We can’t wait to see you again here in the Philippines!

For more updates from them, check out their Facebook page as well as their songs on Youtube and Spotify!

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