You Can Buy JR Smith’s Jersey from Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals

Although the NBA Finals are already over, it’s hard to forget the most iconic moment of this year’s games: JR Smith’s booboo. Haven’t heard of it? Well, basically, Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals ended in overtime and JR Smith allegedly forgot what the score was, causing the time to run out, the Golden State Warriors to win, and a ton of memes to be made about it.

It’s hard to explain. You had to have watched it to truly understand the frustration. And, well, if you did, then you’ll know why this jersey of JR Smith, that is currently up for auction by the NBA, is so legendary.

Whether you want to own a bit of the 2018 NBA Finals history, are simply a JR Smith fan, or root for the other team and thank your lucky stars he existed in that first game; then you can buy this jersey, own it, display it, and flaunt it as you please… if you have at least Php161,420.51 to spare, anyway.

Yup, as of this writing, the jersey is going for $3,020. How much would you bid for it?

(You may join the auction here.)

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