Yoshimeatsu: Get the Best of Japanese and Korean Cuisine in One Place

Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine? Do you stan Korean dishes? Don’t worry because, at Yoshimeatsu, you don’t have to choose between the two; you can have the best of both worlds on one table.

Entering Yoshimeatsu, I was surprised to see this 60-seater two-floors restaurant lively and energetic. People were even lining up outside just to experience being transported into an anime-style food place. By the looks of it, some of them were regulars at the establishment; but then again, who wouldn’t be enticed by getting to eat unlimited servings of your favorite dishes for only Php549, right?

Aside from their courteous staff and attentive waiters, what caught our attention is their fresh meat cuts. They have a wide array of cuts for yakiniku to make your dining experience fun and filling.

Here are a few more reasons why you should check out this place in Quezon City:

You order via a hassle-free computerized teller!

Yoshimeatsu has a computerized teller, so you just have to input all of your orders in one go. No need to wait for their waiters to look at you; just punch in your orders right away.

Their sushi is the bomb.

Don’t judge me when I say I finished three plates of sushi in one go. It is that good. I love how flavorful these Japanese staples are at Yoshimeatsu.

They use quality cheese fondue.

Another plus point for this restaurant is how good their cheese fondue is. We were actually surprised when we first tasted it because it’s not your usual umay-fest dip. It has a smooth texture with just the right amount of salt, making it the perfect partner for your samgyupsal.

They have unlimited lettuce and rice.

You can even have both! It doesn’t matter if you order those lettuce leaves or want some carbs with your meal. They will serve an unlimited supply of whatever you prefer when you eat here.

They assure cleanliness.

I am quite OC when it comes to how a restaurant prepares and fixes a table. I look at how the sauces are stored and how the food is served. They say that cleanliness is next to godliness and I must commend this restaurant for living up to that saying. Other samgyup places struggle in maintaining cleanliness in their place. The sauces tend to get all over the place and waiters just come and go when cleaning tables.

That’s not the case at Yoshimeatsu. I love how their sauces are separately arranged per table making it more hygienic for their customers. Also, the waiters take time in cleaning the barbecue grill and tables per customer.

Aside from these reasons, did I mention that they also serve free ice cream after each meal? Who does that these days, right?! I’m completely sold!

I had lost my faith in unlimited Japanese and samgyup places a long time ago. In fact, I hadn’t been to a samgyupsal place for quite some time now because the hype it created in our country sacrificed their quality just to accommodate hundreds of people lining up everyday.

As for Japanese restaurants, I only know a few ones that really live up to how Japanese cuisine really should be. I love both Asian dishes to death, though, so imagine how happy I was to find a restaurant that serves a fusion of both countries in the most amazing and delicious way.

Ready to visit them before their holiday promo ends this 2019? Bring your loved ones to Yoshimeatsu ASAP!


Tomas Morato Ave cor Sct Fernandez, Quezon City

0933 822 2771



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